Rush gets himself in trouble...damn liberals!

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  1. It is weird that it took a few days for this stuff to hit the fan, isn't it. It's almost like it was thought over by the liberal media and then released all at once:D Just kidding of course!

    Athletes aren't generally known for their mental sharpness outside the scope of their sport, and especially after McNabb hasn't had the greatest start to the season, I can't necessarily blame the guy for what he said. I mean, these are usually the same reporters that he sees on an almost daily basis.

    And you don't have to appologize. It's better to stop the cycle... I'm sick of people appologizing for remarks that they meant.
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    Welcome to the Real World.....nice of you to finally make it...

    ALLEGED .... 3 : accused but not proven or convicted ...

    As far as the WAR and not serving...whats ur point??? so what if they didnt serve or ran away...that doesnt say anything about wether we should or should not have gone to WAR......

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  4. My point is rather well known.

    There is a group in power now that has operated under a double standard. Service to their country was essentially an option for them during Vietnam because they had the means to manipulate the system and pull strings. The lower classes bore the brunt of combat in Vietnam.

    Unlike many, they avoided service without protesting the war.

    They have now engaged in a military conflict that is spending the lives of those not in their empowered and priviledged class.

    They speak under the umbrella of a strong military but thier commitment to this country goes as far as self enrichment and not to the point of self sacrifice.

    This group is strongly supported by many Clinton bashers that labeled Clinton a draft dodger but these bashers are curiously silent about their Conservative Chickenhawk leaders service status in Vietnam.
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    Very hypocritcal I agree, but them not going to VIETNAM does not say much about wether we should or should have not gone to WAR with IRAQ.....

    I guess I just try looking for truths and am on no one side....peace

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  6. but that every one of the people in power (with the exception of powell of course) evaded military service does argue against their ability to fairly decide whether to impose a war on others.

    actually having experienced the horrors they were cheerleading might have had an impact on their insistance for immediate, preemptive military action, as opposed to other solutions.
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    Newt and Rush?? people in power...

    I have a feeling that people with not only descision making abilities but with first hand military experience where part of the thinking process of going to WAR with IRAQ....
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  8. If that is going to be your standard, then about 90% of the congress will be disqualified from voting on matters of war. Unlike Clinton, none of the people you defame dodged the draft. You say without proof they manipulated the system. Bush served as a Reserve fighter pilot, and while you may think that is laughable, many of them have been sent into combat and lost their lives. Flying a high performance jet on a training mission is dangerous enough, as there are several deaths a year from accidnets.

    And why is backstabbing troops in the field under fire by supporting their enemy, as the anti-war protestors did, somehow laudable but choosing not to volunteer makes one unfit to be in public life? Many people who came of age during that period could see the war was being sabotaged by the left, that veterans were treated like shit, that their officers cared only about their careers and that craven politicians were selling out the troops. It was tough on those who had to go, but I can't hold it against anyone who didn't have to. It is a little different for those, like Clinton, who were supposed to go but managed to use the system and his political contacts to avoid service. Wonder what happened to the kid who served in Bill's place?
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  9. I'm sure you're right, was referring to the principal chickenhawks - bush, cheney, perle, wolfowitz, rove, ashcroft, abrams, etc.
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