Rush gets himself in trouble...damn liberals!

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  1. Your feelings of persecution aren't warranted AAA. All of this liberal talk is silly. The fact is if anyone on either side makes a stupid ill-informed statement like Rush did, the opposite side cites it and prints it a million times. It's just politics. Labelling is done by everyone to try and pinhole the perceived enemy. And I don't know where you came up with the McCarthy parallel, but Ok.

    You are absolutely correct on the former point... it is the producer's fault that this happenned just as much as it's Rush's fault (unless it was rehearsed differently and Rush changed the line of argument on the fly, which he's been known to do). They knew what they had in Rush when they hired him.
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  2. :confused: :confused:

    How can you say this??? Have you read anything about Cruz Bustamonte????? Jesse Jackson is still a national mouthpeice who often calls for peoples resignation ( tren lott)...yet he uttered HYMIE town....the list goes on and on....Dan rather and his BUCKWHEAT reference???
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    I disagree that it was anyones fault for all this commotion and I would bet that had he been kept on board the ratings would have gone thru the roof....
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  4. what was that stink a few years back about Reggie White making some pc insensitive remarks?????

    looks like Rush is getting "Rockered" that in the dictionary yet? plus Rush is about to get skewered for some kind of "drug" charges.

    Didn't Tiger tell some insensitive jokes about lesbians???

    i see Arnold just admitted and apologized for sexually harrassing some women..... i am curious to see if NOW gives him a free pass like they did Clinton. yeah right!!!!! lol lol lol
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  5. I would say Clinton engineered his own 'free' pass. The teflon Pres.! He was/is the greatest politician ever.
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  6. He calls himself a repub., but I think that he's more liberal than Clinton:D
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    u know arnold wanted to say "kiss my ass" instead of "im sorry if I offended anyone"
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  8. Trent Lott deserved the criticism. As does anyone still think that civil rights was a bad idea??? Thurmond did, and Lott wished that he would have won!

    JJ and the rainbow coalition are famous for their scams, but there are much more powerful interest groups on the conservative side of things. Plus, JJ is just a pinata for FOXNEWS to pummel at every opportunity (especially O'Reilly), so we hear about it at least once a week... even if it's old news, it almost feels like they have a "JJ quota". Bustamonte is small time and he's in a campaign that he's losing because he can't get the minority vote... that should be a clue as to how the population feels about his use (slip?:) of the N word. How old is Dan Rather? Is he any older than Pat Robertson or Falwell... senility must be taking over at younger ages these days because they make remarks that are worse everyday.

    The point remains, it happens on both sides of the fence, but the conservative side always seems to express the feelings of persecution more readily... probably because conservatives are told by people like Rush that they should feel that way everyday.
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  9. You just proved my point......Trent Lott did not get a free pass....HE made a smiling joke at a birthdsay party for crying out loud.....

    Roberty Byrd? In addition to be a KKK member, he retold his life story spouting the N word left and right....

    Jackson? He calls for boycotts of legit businesses becuase he says they are racist..yet he is the most racist guy ive ever heard

    Rush? they pressure the company and start plannign protests..

    Rather? Wallace?? ...its ok.....

    Name me one liberal talk show or celebrity or politician who had to step down becuase of their statements? You say it goes both ways....well, show me the other side???
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  10. I think there is a bit more to this than just Rush making a stupid comment. It's no secret that he badly wanted to get the Monday Night Football gig that went to Dennis Miller instead. Thsi ESPN thing was kind of an audition/consolation prize for him. Perhaps he thought the way to get MNF was to become controversial and polarizing, not that he's not already.

    In trying to fill the Howard Cosell chair on MNF, he may have been emulating Cosell's use of the race issue. In his first commentary, Rush took on the minority headcoach issue. But Cosell, a fervent supporter of Ali and black athletes in general, was a liberal who, for all his caustic wit, never strayed over the PC boundary.

    I'd also like to know how high up the chain of command the decision to can him went. My guess is to the very top. Frankly, I'm amazed they ever hired him in the first place, as the network and the corporate parent are among the most fervent PC advocates around.
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