Rush gets himself in trouble...damn liberals!

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  1. "Dismissed summarily," eh?

    A "parrot attack?"* Zero explanation for various positions you have stated. Curiously and conveniently you fail to give a concrete answer** any inquiry into any stated premise and then engage in name calling. Hardly an effective debating tactic, except perhaps in your own self-perception.

    *"40+ years of perceptions" fails as an argumentative answer.

    **WTF is a "parrot attack?"
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  2. Summarily dismissed, yes.

    The question posed to me regarding my opinion was:

    "On what was my opinion based on?"

    The opinion was not based on a feeling, it was based on 40+ years of perceptions.

    If you require further information, ask a question worthy of a detailed response.

    A "parrot attack" is obvious to most people who can think outside the box, and see the context that the phrase was used in.

    Ask direct questions, get direct answers.

    Play games, get game responses.
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  3. Ok, "parrot attack" as defined, by you, is: "obvious to most people who can think outside the box, and see the context that the phrase was used in."

    Another of your clear and concise statements? Don't bother answering, please.
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  4. Liberal Media?

    No way!

    Sunday, Oct. 19, 2003 11:13 a.m. EDT
    Newspaper Owner: Rush Limbaugh Should Get Cancer and Die

    The owner of an upstate New York newspaper told a reader this week that he hoped conservative talk radio megastar Rush Limbaugh would get cancer and die, adding Sunday that he would publish his Limbaugh death wish in an upcoming edition.

    The comments from Mike Hudson, owner of the Niagara Falls Reporter, first came to light after the reader contacted WABC Radio's Steve Malzberg and shared Hudson's e-mail response to a complaint about a column by another writer.

    In his vitriolic reply, Hudson reportedly wrote, "I hope that [Limbaugh] gets over his addiction and dies from cancer of the [testicles]."

    Interviewed by Malzberg on Sunday, Hudson said he was merely showing the same compassion for Limbaugh that the conservative talk host had demonstrated in the wake of the deaths of drug-addled rock stars Kurt Cobain and Jerry Garcia.

    But when Malzberg pressed him for examples of when Limbaugh had actually wished anyone dead, Hudson came up empty.

    Asked if he would ever publish an editorial wishing Limbaugh dead, Hudson told Malzberg, "Certainly. Next week this is going to be a major story in my newspaper and, of course, the e-mail [wishing Limbaugh dead] will be printed in full."

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  5. ElCubano


    Mcnabbbbbbbbbbb sucks......
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  6. Did you see his stats form the giant game??????? around 9 for 23!!! for 80 or so yards.......what the F - happened to him??? he better get this thing turned around quick or Rush is going to have another best seller " See, i told you so, Vol. 2"
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