Rush gets himself in trouble...damn liberals!

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  1. You know what bothers me about this????

    1) It was stupid to say because if you know football, you would know that Mcnab has NOBODY to throw too ( pinkston, thrash) and a very avg back to hand off to ( staley)....Yet he's put up the numbers and won the games time and again....Look at all the other top QB's in the game...Farve, Warner, Manning, Bledsoe....they all have some serious weapons to play catch with...although Frave makes his guys much better too, just like Mcnab so it really was a dumb football thing to say

    2) if you say it and believe it.....stand up for it...take the heat and stand up for what you said.
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    I agree he has no weapons, he is the offense as dawkins is the defense. More to the point has rush ever heard of Vick? Or Mcnair? What the hell was he doing on espn anyway, doesnt seem to know much about football.

  3. He actually started as a Baseball commentator in KC years ago....but your right too about McNair and's not like McNab is the only one...and didn;t doug williams already win a super bowl???...truthfully, McNab is not promoted anywher NEAR as much as Vick is
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    I disagree ( look at his numbers this season )..... he sucks...and staley sucks also he isnt even avg, a hold out what a joke...Duce is lucky that he even touches the ball this season....I agree with Rush; It has been the defense thats done the job up to this now.....and they suck this season also....:D

    Im just bitter because I have Mcnabb in one of my fantasy football leagues and I cant even give him away....:mad:
  5. Well, at least we know there are still some things you can't say on cable. Apparently the combination of "race", "quarterback" and "NFL" is not allowed.

    As for Rush standing by his opinion, I heard him yesterday and he didn't back off. He made the point that his comments were directed at sportswriters, not at McNabb directly. He said McNabb was overrated. Personally, I think McNabb is pretty effective at times. Other times, like the Pats game, he looks very average. Even Philly fans were calling for the backup who won games for them last year. Basically, it was a stretch for Rush to draw the conclusion he did, because I'm not sure writers have made that big a deal over McNabb, plus McNabb has delivered results at times.

    However ESPN's reaction was utterly cowardly. They dropped Rush like a bad habit and issued some ass-covering criticism of him. Who did they think they had hired, Martha Stewart?

    Then I saw McNabb whining on TV and I could only think, this is the ultimate outcome of the PC nonsense. He was acting like Rush had said that he was too dumb to play quarterback because he was black. If that was what he got out of Rush's comments, maybe he is. Of course, they said that about Terry Bradshaw until he put on four Super Bowl rings, and everyone thought it was funny.

    Obviously, it was a dumb thing for Rush to say. Conversatives who are allowed on TV are expected to say only noncontroversial things, unless they have their own show on Fox. The lesson from all this is unless you are independently wealthy, don't be foolish enough to utter any comment on any PC subject or they will destroy your career.
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    I think he should be allowed to say whatever he thinks, I am a firm believer in free speech, as much as I disagree with what he said. I would have liked to see the other commentators call him on his remark about mcnabb not being that good. Something like, hey you DO know mcnabb has the lowest interception % in nfl history? Or hes already passed for over 10k yards, wout ever having a decent receiver, but they just sat there almost scared of him, like a bunch of pussies and no one called him on it.

    A person shouldn't be afraid to say what he thinks, but at least back up the opinion w some facts and rush didn't and has yet to.
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    I think what Limbaugh said was insensitive and demeaning and did not really belong on a sportscast or any cast. He might have a legal right to talk like that but that does not mean he should. He could have said "overrated by the media" and left it at that.
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    You want facts..... 3 games, 506 yards, 0 Tds, 3 int....and a sprained right thumb....NFL is about "what have you done for me lately"
  9. is known for it's sensitivity LOL...but i know what your saying...however.....why is it only conservatives who have to answer for any racially tinged remark??? Trent Lott got buried for making a joke at a b-day party...Rush was facing boycotts ect....But Cruz Bustamonte can say the 'N" word and nothing happens...Mike Wallace of 60 minutes can refer to blacks and hispanics as 'too busy eating watermelon and tacos'but all is forgiven....Jesse Jackson can refer to NY as Hymie-town" problem....oh well double standards exist.
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