Rush challenges Obama to a debate

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  1. Rush said today he would like to engage in a debate with Obama since Obama and his crew has made Rush out to be the leader of the repub party.

    Interesting idea but it will never happen. We will see a full scale attack on Rush now from the dems.

    If Obama is so much smarter, why not shut Rush up?
  2. fhl


    Obama has conveyed that he wants bipartisanship. The best way to have bipartisanship is to discuss and debate his proposal with the republican leader. Obama's minions have been everywhere calling Rush the republican leader.

    As a side benefit, it will create diversity in radio media, which democrats claim to be in favor of.

    Obama won't do it, because he is CHICKEN!

  3. Obama will not participate in a debate because he cannot use a teleprompter. :D
  4. And who would be the moderator, the fact checker, and the logician pointing the logical fallacy used by each debater?
  5. Obama has already won because he's done what he set out to do....raise Limbaugh to the de facto head of you Republicans.

    It's so simple I can't believe you guys still continue to miss it.

  6. Amazing isn't it?

    They think they are winning by having Rush dominate the republican focus. They even got the chairman of the RNC to suck up and apologize to Rush like a little girl...

    Good thing the old line conservatives like Goldwater and Buckley aren't around to watch this menagerie...

  7. I'm no fan of Obama, but presidents do NOT debate talk show people after the election

    Would you have expected bush to debate keith oberman?
  8. Thank you. That was refreshing.
  9. Of course Obama will not debate Rush, nor should he. From a strategic point of view, Obama will have nothing to gain and much to lose.

    Still, it would be entertaining if the Messiah would send one of his acolytes to debate Rush.

    Al Franken, perhaps? He's used to getting his butt kicked by Limbaugh, so it wouldn't be new territory for him or anything...
  10. Lol. Right, I think everyone has their panties in a bunch over Obama's genius in handling Rush.
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