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    Russell TF DEcember contract today did 148k according to ICE and my broker. Ice also did over 100k Sept. contracts.
    However my 2 chart services is not picking up this volume.
    E-signal quote box says 46k December and my volume bar chart adds up to about 61k. My ninja volume chart shows about 46k.
    Anyhow, anyone using tick or volume bars; the data might not be accurate. I spoke to ICE and they are looking into it. Anyone getting accuate vulume for the new TF contract on their charts?

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    eSignal Support eSignal

    Good question. From looking at their site here:

    It would appear that we match for yesterday's volume on both Sep and Dec but aren't including the block trades in today's volumes so far. I've got the question out to our exchange programmers to see if block trades are just reported late or what else might cause our figures to differ from the exchange's site.

    I'll report back when I have more info.

  3. eSignal Support

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    Apparently, ICE does not send a "total volume" at this juncture but rather sends several volume figures to be managed by vendors. On a stroke of good timing, we actually have a meeting with ICE in London next week and this is one of the topics. I'll update you again after that discussion.

  4. Thanks for posting. I had heard of this possible issue before. This is a absolute deal breaker, lack of accurate volume no trading for me. ICE is looking more and more like joke to me.
  5. If the russell people were trying to rid traders from the mini2k, they appear to be on track. Another fine example of dipshits in charge.
  6. 50_Bip


    You hit the nail on the head - after trading ER2 for several years, I have adapted my trading to the NQ.
  7. milnarf


    After 3 hours today e-signal and Ninja stated Russell did about
    38 and Ice told me they were up to 78k! Ray Makinsey stated e-signal and other vendors were getting all the data and they were failing to adapt to the data and not populating the volume correctly. He totally blamed E-signal.

    Anyhow this product on ICE is not tradeable w/o accurate volume and tic data. It also doesn't appear to be fixed right away and that is why so many are still trading the ER after roll-over day.
  8. I pulled up the chart from ib and it's disgusting. Is ICE going to fix the price and volume?
  9. Or trade IWM?
    How many shares are equal to one ER2 contract.
  10. Aok


    T minus 7 days.

    Not looking good so far. Who is going to have the stones to be ICE's guinea pig?

    Wake up ICE!

    And Russel people, unless you want to go back begging for the Merc's scraps, stop saying that everything is fine. It's not.
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