Rural England (Internet speed?)

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  1. cesfx


    Are you so racist that you have to show off in public?
    Inferiority complex?
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  2. I never said it does.
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  3. cesfx


    Did you ever travel out of your sitty town?
    What an idiotic question...

    Did an African fuck your wife/husband and she/he liked that you are so jealous and rotting inside?

    By the way, those cities are full of people from everywhere and of all skin colour, so idiots like you better stay away. Follow my advice little Englander.
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  4. I love Africa, so I like frequenting Paris, Marseille, Napoli, for currency convertibility reason.
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  5. cesfx


    I imagine you as a fat white man with a small penis, who voted for brexit and has an obsession with black people. What a sad loser.
    On the other hands, I am so happy that diversity is here to stay and fuckers like you will be extinct soon.
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  6. wartrace


    Look into Starlink if the local offerings aren't acceptable. Honestly, you should be more concerned with latency and reliability rather than up/down speeds.
    #36     Nov 10, 2021