Rural England (Internet speed?)

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by deanstreet, Sep 20, 2021.

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    fuck off
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  2. Don't get angry my dear. Keep calm and carry on.
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    I think you refer to Hyperoptic, I use them and I am happy with their service, probably the best I had so far. Good old George!

    No idea about rural areas, but I suffered zero 3/4G signals in some weekends away a few times and read about a few complaints over the years.

    This might help
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    Thanks for the link cesfx.

    As I said, you will be lucky to get 50Mb with weekly cuts.
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    50Mbps download speed?

    That is very slow.

    any idea why theirs is so lousy?

    ps : 50Mb, 50MB, 50Mbps are not the same thing
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  6. It is kind of the standard in Europe, in Spain is normally a bit better but not that amazing either (80-100 by average). At least I don't get service cuts when I go there. Norway is supposed to be the best one, apparently.

    Either way 50mb is more than enough for trading as far as I understand. When the service is running I did not have any problems, my complain is more about that they cut the service whenever the hell they want for random reasons. It is not a 24/7 connection
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  7. According to this and this, it is indeed about 20Mbps...I just did a test now at my home in Asia which showed 580Mbps..I knew Germany and other developed Europe are crap in terms of internet infrastructure, but didn't expect England the Great to be so crappy as well
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    It isn’t, this thread has people comparing broadband via fibre with mobile internet.
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  9. Upon further surfing, upload about 20Mbps and download about 50-100Mbps.
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    Do you have any idea how much you need? Probably much less then the numbers I see popping up here.
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