Rupert Jee Disses Dave?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hcour, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Anybody watch Letterman last nite? It was weird for a couple of minutes there. They had gone to Rupert Jee's deli for a segment, as they do at least once a wk (or more) and after setting it up, as usual, they went back to Dave and he did a couple of bits, the way they always do, then when they went back to finish the segment at the Deli, it was closed! The gates were down. A rain storm had come in (which of course kills walk-in business) just before they were to start the the segment and after they cut away Rupert apparently decided it wasn't worth staying open and he was ready to go home so he just shut it down! Letterman is a pro and he covered it well, but you could tell he was definitely surprised and probably pissed. It threw him, no doubt about it.

    Letterman is well-known for getting quite upset when the show doesn't go as planned and he looks bad, as he did last nite. He's been known to ban big stars from his show for years if they displease him, as he did w/Madonna a few years ago while she was still one of the biggest stars in the world. Rupert may have screwed-up his meal-ticket. Can you imagine the business he's gotten from being on that show? Letterman made him and his deli famous. It'll be interesting to see if we see anymore segments w/him in the near future. Bizarre.

  2. Didnt see it, but those segments i usually find a bit odd.

    I's the deli listed, does dave have shares? What gives with that, it was never "funny".
    "weird", and "awkward", maybe, but never funny.
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    Also you can look at it this way: Ruppert gives 4-5 full shows for Dave a year.
    They have I would say at least 1 segment a week, each about 3-4 mins. 50 times 4 mins and you got 3+ hours of entertainment...

    Since the show is only 46 mins long after the adstime is taken out...., see what I mean????
  4. imho letterman is almost never funny,only silly. leno is funny.
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    Whatever happened to Sirijul and Mujibar??