Runway Landing

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  1. Pilots are amazing. My brother is a Captain and I have great respect for the job. He once showed me an image of his windshield that he took after it just completely shattered during flight. You could barely see a thing out of it and he brought it back down as just another day at work.

    This is just amazing.

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  2. Fantastic video! I fly, but on the general aviation side. I've dealt with some stuff, but videos like that are just amazing. Some of the airports airlines fly into would give people a heart attack before they left the ground if they knew what was going on. Some of the greatest videos are of military aircraft landing, especially test flights. I remember seeing the F-18 test flight videos. Holy crap! You could see the ailerons fluttering like a wing adjusting for cross winds, and since it was for carrier landings they dropped it in, ie slammed it to the concrete. Unbelieveable stuff.
    I heard a guy talking about carrier landings, he said turn out the lights in your room, stand on your couch, throw a stamp on the ground, and then try to jump on it. Amazing for the pilot and aircraft.
    One of my favorite experiences was a F-111 taking off after an airshow while I was working. I thought my body was going to explode and the ground was literally vibrating as he had permission to light the afterburners and go vertical.
    My plan for my trading money is to make enough to buy one of these old military jets, and light the afterburners and have too much fun.
    Gotta have a goal!