Running out of options on IB Charting solutions

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  1. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations but help me understand, here is what I am trying to do:
    I have 2 monitors: Monitor-1 and Monitor-2.
    On Monitor-1 I keep my IB TWS Portfolio Page which I like very much and learned enough to customize my order/cancel/execution tricks. No complaints here.
    On Monitor-2 I want to display charts only for stocks which I hovered/selected in Monitor-1. Currently you can setup IB's own charts with such configuration...but had IB's charts be fast, flex, and simply decent...this post would not have originated. So I need charting solution for Monitor-2 to be dynamic and feed off of data in portfolio of Monitor-1.

    Homework completed:
    I found out that some following are acceptable Charting applications but do not meet my expectations since they don't feed from Monitor-1's portfoolio page:
    -IB Charts (3rd party developed charting) - good charts, decent look/feel but does not integrate enough to feed from portfolio page of TWS in Monitor 1.
    -Ensign Software - greate charting but does not not integrate enough to feed from portfolio page of TWS in Monitor 1.
    -eSignal's QouteTrader - did not figure out what this thing is...messed up from installation.
    -QuoteTracker - hands down champion for the price it sells ($0) but same problem not integrate enough to feed from portfolio page of TWS in Monitor 1.

    I appreciate avid IB'ers jumping in to help me out...if I can't find a suiting solution I am thinking moving things over to TradeStation...though down-side is my commissions going to duple but aleast I'll have good charting options.
    If you think I should look at things from a different perspective...please jump in.

  2. I think I looked at all the 3rd party stuff and none of it integrates to that extent.
  3. Jim, have you dismissed Sierra and multicharts, and if so why? I am initiating my evaluation of the products discussed in your previous thread and would appreciate your evaluation thus far. Also, did J medved PM you? he may be able to provide a solution for quote tracker... Thanks
  4. Sierra Chart is by far my favourite (although I like ensign) but it is just a client of TWS like the others ... it doesnt have this sort of integration.
  5. Good day Kiwi,

    Considering I have no experience in code writing, in your opinion which product would your recommend, Sierra or Ensign regarding ease of programming?

    Thank you kindly...
  6. Marcell


    I used to trade with eSignal which has an order ticket showing you the last fill price and position size you currently have on the selected stock (good IB integration). Only problem is the steep monthly fee which is the reason why I switched to QuoteTracker.

    So I'm in the same boat as the original poster. With such a large number of charting packages available on the market why isn't there anything that's well integrated with IB!?
  7. GaryN


    Why cant you just set up a duplicate portfolio on a Quotetracker quote page and keep it up on monitor two. Then all you have to do is clik on the qt symbol to get a chart.
  8. That is what I've been doing so far...but it proving quite combersome now...and costing time and trades.
  9. Jerry did PM me...per my other thread...sounded he was not quite sure about thequestion...I guess he is clear now...and it's my uderstanding this is not possible through QT.
  10. Maybe I don't understand the problem. I currently use Ensign on a 3 monitor setup. I have various charts fed by IB on different monitors. What am I missing?

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