Running out of Oil? Just make more...

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    These guys have a "blank check" from venture capital. They're a bit secretive for now, but this tech does a lot of good...Green Oil...

    Grow Oil from ALGAE... refine using EXISTING equipment...Use NO potable water supply...NO arable make fuels for use in EXISTING vehicles. If they can prove scalability, this may be the answer. If so we some day have a large portion of the Southwest peppered with pools/lakes of this yummy green goo.

    Not ethanol, not biodiesel. Renewable gasoline.
  2. I saw that they are based in New Mexico they have algae that is around 50% oil. You can build them up stories high as well. Use any shit water and the stuff loves it as it has all the sunshine it needs
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    not new information...
    There's all kinds of technologies available that can make renewable oil.

    Besides, the whole point of renewable energy is to make it non-polluting!
  4. Yeah, I was going to say - renewable oil is nice, but who is going to renew the atmosphere?
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    Imagine an electric generation plant, run using diesel fuel made from this. The localized emissions can be easily sequestered. Renewable electricity. Coal/Nuclear is NON-Renewable. (unless we find an algae that can be refined into Uranium or Bituminous.)

    I know, solar, wind already doing that, but nowhere near the output that you'd get with green-diesel fuel made from algae.
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    Really? This is Oil that can be refined into Gasoline, Diesel, and Jet-A fuels that can be used in all of our existing Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

    Are you thinking Corn Oil or other cellulose stock like Sugar Cane that makes ethanol which is a type of Alcohol that is an additive. I know some (Brazil) burn ethanol/alcohol 100%, but at the huge environmental cost of the Amazon.

    If you've were thinking other techs making true oil that can be refined into gasoline and other modern day fuels and derivatives, please link them.
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    x2012 sounds like you're actually arguing with yourself. Read my post carefully. I'm saying that renewable energy has to be non-polluting. Otherwise, it is a pointless endeavor.

    And no, I'm not one of those retards that thinks that biofuels will save the day. Infact, biofuels are a CRIME to humanity! Fucking idiots who fall for that B.S. about biofuels piss me off even more.

    The solution to a forthcoming energy crisis is not biofuels or renewable gasoline. Its a combination of solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear to buy a few more years to allow more exotic technologies like Nuclear Fusion to be perfected.

    BTW, did you really just say '(unless we find an algae that can be refined into Uranium or Bituminous.)' ?? I hope you really were joking. What you said is wrong in so many ways that I wont even bother trying to correct it.

    I see this thread heading toward major douchebaggery, so I will refrain from further posts.
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    "has to be non-polluting!" it just has to be or, or, or...its just pointless. This kind of thinking is wrong on so many levels

    Algae to Uranium/Coal remark was sarcasm.

    We'll need much more than a "few" years before Nuclear Fusion becomes a reality, if ever. (got yer tin-hat on) Dreaming of this is fine, but we need action, not useless banter and excuses

    Thanks for your thoughtful input ...
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    Sapphire’s goal is to be the world’s leading producer of renewable petrochemical products. With Pyle leading the group, the team has built a revolutionary molecular platform that converts sunlight and CO2 into renewable, carbon-neutral alternatives to conventional fossil fuels without the numerous downsides of current biofuel efforts. First up: renewable gasoline.

    The company’s platform offers vast advantages — scientific, economic, environmental and social — over traditional biofuel approaches. The company’s production process relies on photosynthetic microorganisms, such as algae, sunlight, CO2 and non-arable land. The end product is not ethanol — and not biodiesel. The end product is, in fact, gasoline.

    Critically important, there is no ‘food vs. fuel’ tradeoff. The process is not dependent on crops or valuable farmland. It is highly water efficient, delivering 10 to 100 times more energy per acre than cropland biofuels.

    And, perhaps most importantly, Sapphire’s fuel products are chemically identical to molecules in crude oil, making company products entirely compatible with the current energy infrastructure — cars, refineries, and pipelines. Sapphire’s scalable production facilities can grow easily and economically because production is modular, transportable, and fueled by sunlight — and not constrained by land, crops, or other natural resources.

    Sapphire Energy is at the forefront of an entirely new industry category — Green Crude Production — with the potential to profoundly change America’s energy and petrochemical landscape.