Running multiple computers with one IB TWS account

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by Moreagr, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Moreagr


    was wondering if I could run the same account using IB TWS?

    wanted to run 2 towers and a laptap with one account?

    Or do I have to have 3 separte acounts to do this?

    also I have a Fidelity account as well could i run Fid ATPro and QT on different machines?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. MrPaul


    You can only use one IB account per machine...I tried to use the same account on my tower and laptop and it wasn't happenin' makes one TWS screen turn bright purple :)
  3. mtwokay


    I believe there's a way to setup two user names for one account. This will allow you to run two instances of TWS on one IB account with one or two computers.

    Log into your account on IB's web site and check out some of the options.
  4. Yes, you can do this, but you are charged for data for
    each login/password combination.

    Your best bet is to use one of the third party interfaces
    and connect each to a single instance of TWS running
    on one of your machines.
  5. slacker


    I have two machines running TWS one is opened with my trading account and the other is opened as a TWS 'simulation account' (free if you already have a IB account). The sim data is only used for charting and data logging. Works for me... Good luck
  6. Tums


    Do you mean you want to run three different charting software off the same IB datafeed, but on three different computers?

    If your charting software can input the ip address of the TWS workstation, you can connect additional computers to a primary IB link.

    No need to open a second TWS (eg. papertrade a/c), thus saving some precious bandwidth.

    MultiChart can do it.
  7. Moreagr


    thanks guys for your suggestions.. you all have been helpfull.

    when so exmple run one with actual TWS account and QT software and the one one tower with either on an TWA api running in with excel

    whould sim mode be as fast versus the regularstreaming? = the least rescource heavy hog that way

    or have you heard of running multiple QT's on different towers with one broker account
  8. As one poster suggested IB stimulated is as good as original for feeding real time quotes to QT charting software. I have done it most of the time.
    Lety us say you have 3 pcs linked thro router (single source broad band)& you can put the IP address of the main pc (where you are running TWS) in the other 2 pc's, your QT will run in all 3 machines. ( only limitation is how many symbols you are allowed by IB.
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    thanks krishiyer for the help
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