Running more than one platform on same computer?

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  1. What issues should I consider if I plan on running more than one trade platform on one computer? I am expanding my trading and will be using different firms and am wondering what problems I need to think about if I want to use the same computer. I could add a video card and monitors to another, but I am running out of desk space. My main trading computer is running an I7 Sandybridge chip and 4 monitors.
    Any thoughts, and I guess abuses would be appreciated.
  2. plenty of memory
  3. Correct... check your Task Manager and "percent of CPU usage" to see if you might be taxing your system. Likely not.
  4. Not recommended. If PC goes down all platforms will.
  5. Currently have 8 gigs of RAM in the computer. I have another computer for backup, and it could be expanded, but would prefer to have it for backup only.
  6. As someone who has done tech support in the past, I would have to say that before doing more advanced things with your computer, you should learn the basics of computers. If you can't figure out if your computer can run two trading platforms, imagine how much fun you'll have actually trying to trade on two platforms!
  7. I make no claims to be a hardware or software guru, but the computer I trade on I built, and rebuilt. I had no problems doing so, but maybe I should have as apparently I am too stupid to have done so. I have trouble shot computers for years for myself, family and friends as a result of having to use them everyday for trading. I asked a simple question, and wondered about any thoughts anyone may have had about issues. A couple offered good thoughts, and then there is always the ass that offers nothing, but crap.
    Thanks to those with thoughts that help and no thanks to the one with not a thought.
  8. Sorry dude! I've worked with a lot of people who want to do complicated things on their computers but have no idea what Ctrl+C does. Sorry, but your original post gave no indication that you are technologically skilled. I helped this guy with a 6 monitor turns out his problem resulted from not being logged in. Having a good video card and multiple monitors doesn't mean you know what you're doing with your computer. Sorry I misinterpreted what you said! I actually thought it would have saved you a lot of headaches if you didn't jump into direct access trading without learning more about your tools first.
  9. here's some friendly advice.

    dont ask if such and such will do so and so.

    just try it

    you'll figure out if its working well soon enough, and you wont have to suffer ridiculous answers to your question
  10. why not run it in the cloud?
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