running money - 35% a year

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  1. been awhile, this forum has always been entertaining to me and most of all INFORMATIVE to me, I will entertain you and inform you guys back.
    I learned most of my preliminary shit from this message board believe it or not.
    I am extremely bored most of the times as well...

    Came up from managing $10k to learn, trading YM contracts, ES contracts, to a good amount of my own money in stocks purely. Futures for hedging.
    I'm not looking for 100% , 35% a year is more then enough.



    I usually go for 30%
    but his year, I'm going to work espically hard to hit 40% on trading capital.
    What does this mean?

    1. No fkups on any trades.
    2. No play trades
    3. No new tested ideas , only profitable ideas I've tested 1000s of times and executed many times and profitable.
    4. 1% risk max, 7-15% reward
    5. Will use 2x margin when the time is low risked so I can hit that 40% mark.

    Its march already,
    I'm up 10% this year. (gold trade and others)
    I have 30% more to go. 9 more months, 9 more trades (around 1 trade per month)


    6 keys to success.

    1. Long term experience in the markets. 6 years of full time.
    2. Proven profitable method , proven.
    3. Patience, I Wait 3-4 weeks per trade. Trade once a month.
    4. Keep risks low = 1%
    Go for rewards only up 10-15-20%
    5. Theres no such thing as hope, only patterns I recognizze
    6. Decent execution (don't miss out on good shit)

    We hope for the best, work at our best, and hopefully
    I will get my goal this year.


    I will be managing money in asia (HK) . 50/50 on profits, 1% management fee.
  2. if I put money on a particular market call or trade
    And you are trading against me,
    Its a 90% chance you will lose your money!

    <b><h2>real time trades posted as always</h2>

    You know I don't f around.
  3. Sold into the rallies on friday
    Flat here,
    To be long here is not eating risk premium, Its eating risk period.
    With low rewards.

    market direction:
    down this week
    Looking to go long later on.
  4. jrlvnv


    How do you determine whether a trade has a 7-15% reward potential?
  5. (pattern_completion's_price - whereIenter_price )
    / close_price
  6. Selling the ES at 1138 has a 90% chance of making 8 points

    Why is your name coolweb. Are you in some online business?

  7. Hi coolweb,

    I am very excited about your journal. I have seen you around ET for awhile and I always wanted to get a sense of your trading style. I guess this is my lucky year.

    Your goal of making 40% seems pretty reasonable and is probably well thought out. So, I am just curious of how you came up with that number.


  8. Great post by rednecktrader, lot of nuggets on this board from smart people, I'm going to post them in my thread.

    <b> written by Redneck trader</b>
    Losers – Hate em or Love em – the end result “should” be the same
    People are different: (well duh!)
    The way we perceive things is different, the way we approach things is different – not wrong necessarily – just different
    In my quest to learn/ understand how I learn – I had to learn what motivated and pushed me to achieve my desired results.
    One thing I picked up was – some folks are wired to want/ need/ desire things (go toward) more than they are wired to not want things…
    While other folks are wired to not want/ be repelled from/ dislike things (move away from) more than they want these things…


    Go toward Folks
    Want success – they will chase it till they are successful, or die trying
    Like their losers – they willing accept and take them – thus preserving their capital

    Move away from Folks
    Fear failure – they are repulsed by failure to such an extent – they end up successful.
    Hate their losers – they cut em quick to get away from them – thus preserving their capital

    Two completely different perceptions, two completely different approaches – resulting in identical outcomes… And neither is better or worse – just different.
    The commonality between both groups - I think - is they are driven, and passionate (not necessarily emotional) about that which they do
    Now if I were to extrapolate a bit…
    imo the direct opposite of the above two is apathy…
    I firmly believe apathetic folks should not trade – for these types will get into a loser and think oh well it’s no big deal…
    When in fact loses are the biggest deal



    my comments : you do have to be more passionate to become more experienced in the game to win in the game of $
  9. Pension_admin,
    each trades make about 8% average for me,
    so 50/50 win ratio.
    5 wins *10% = 50%
    5 stop outs *1% = -5%
    -5% for commissions and bad execution and fckups

    = 45%

    -Startup capital not made in the markets.

    nickname has no meaning , just some shit i made up, but yes you are on the money, I pushed a lot of web properties in the past. So past money has no connection with current venture as in,
    experience from the past doesn't help much in money management, because its a different field.

    Which is why I startd learning with low capital.
    I did not make my startup money in the financial markets, but now I will be doing so.
    This is important to realize mainly because many people come from other businesses and think if they can succeed there, they can succed in the game of $$$$$$$$. no fucking way.
    This is a whole nother level of game. I'd say 10th level. on a scale of 1-10.
    Start from a janitor mindset and work your way up.

    Capital is easy to acquire if you have the skills.
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