Running Back $100 million NFL Contract - you gotta be kidding me

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    this is why our country is f-uped. when you have an athlete that carries a football, making millions of dollars for a job that they would play for a few million dollars, is jacked up. good for peterson of the minnesota vikings to be lucky enough to sign that big of a contract for a stupid owner willing to pay that much for a player.

    what, in another 5 years from now, the next best running back is worth $150 - 200 million dollars. 10 years from now, a billion dollars. the owners could get together and pay these guys for 2 million max and these guys would still play because what job pays 2 million dollars a year for playing 16 games??

    in this economy, for someone to get that much when you have teachers that are unemployed, schools closing, counties are going bankrupt, is a real kick in the face for the average American.

    our priories as a country is messed up when football comes first above everything else. you can talk about free market and entertainment all you want but it's just a bizarre world we live in when someone carrying a football gets $100 million when there are many Americans who if not are sacrificing their devotion to this country in their job, this country would fall apart without them.

    entertainment is ruining this country by focusing on what's really not important and not focusing on what is, and that's education, working, and providing a stable family foundation.
  2. Jealous?

    It's the free market.

    Why not also have salary caps for CEOs?
  3. op is right. gay football fans paying anything to see a ball passed from one asshole to the next.

    this grotesque compensation devalues everyones work.
  4. jealous ? Did you read his rant. It has nothing to do with his personal jealousy. He does bring up a good point, but so do you. Free market.
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    At least people pay for football and they are self sufficient

    What is f*ed up in this country is Union workers claiming they should make more than $14 an hour on an assembly line putting tires on a truck when they don't even have a high school education.

    Then everyone has to bail out Auto companies and they default on their debts!
  6. who sez? you take a survey to see how many were on the dole?
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  8. I think that the relationship of money and sports has been a very bad turn for professional sports. Watch games from the 60s and 70s and compare them to today's games. Essentially we're playing a rough game of touch football compared to back then. Those guys busted some serious ass.

    Today, a defensive lineman's foreman makes accidental contact because the offensive linemen is owing him, and that's a personal-foul-15-yarder. Ridiculous.

    The more the game has made and the more players are getting paid, just seems the shittier the game has gotten.
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    Max E.

    I am not a big fan of them pussifying the game, but if you were to compare the guys who were good back then to the guys who are good today it wouldnt even be close.

    The biggest guy back in the day "the fridge" was 330, thats an average O line man these days, and this is not even 20 years from when he ended his career. Plus there are offensive lineman who can run the fourty in less than 5 seconds, which is only like a half a second off the quickest players in the game.

    The fact is that the money aspect in the game made it much more competitive. I highly doubt that alot of the old pros from the 60's and 70's would be able to dominate the game like they did back then. No one can do that anymore, because it has become so competitive. When no one was making money for playing back in the day it didnt attract nearly the level of talent that it does today, so you still had teams made up of alot of players who were not even close to being able to compete with the best in the game.

    When you look at the best players in todays game vs. the worst, there is very little difference In terms of size strength speed, etc.

  10. Ah, no need to worry...5 years after they retire, they will have given it all away to us smart people that know how to take advantage of them.

    I remember watching this episode of cribs and one guy (I dont remember if he was a rapper or a football player) but he was bragging about his giant gumball machine that he paid $20k for. I thought that was way too much for one of those so I did a quick check into yahoo and searched for "giant gumball machine" and I found the exact same machine for just under $3k. So someone obviously made a $17k profit off this guy minimum.

    Let them have their 100 million dollar contracts because the money will slip right out of their hands and into the hands of harder workers.
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