running auto-strats on a list of stocks (TradeStation?)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nicbizz, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I'm hoping to get recommendations on a trading software that will allow me to code a custom indicator, and then apply it to a list of stocks (> 100). When the indicator generates a signal (say "myVariable == true"), it'll auto execute a custom strategy that will enter, and manage, orders for the stock. Ideally, this list can be displayed in a window, with real time quotes, as well as the indicator values displayed.

    I'm using NinjaTrader now, and it is quite a powerful platform, but it does have a serious limitation of not being able to run automated strategies off the Market Analyzer (i.e. NT's version of a WatchList). Instead, you'll have to open a separate chart for each stock, which is really not feasible when you're dealing with a large list.

    Does anyone know if TradeStation is able to do this? I've looked through their site, and it appears to be quite a comprehensive platform, with the added bonus of EasyLanguage being quite easy to learn.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks!