Running a monitor as an extra screen with my notebook

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zf trader, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Okay I have an acer 3613wlmi and would like to run a a monitor along with my laptop screen so I can watch more charts at the same time.

    My brother did it the other day and it worked fine but I have tried it with two different monitors and the same thing happens, I get the windows start up screen on the monitor and then nothing else.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get both screens to work? I always wonder why they have to make these things like this? No other industry could get away with it.
  2. bespoke


    go to the "Display Properties" by right clicking anywhere on the desktop and choose "Properties". then go to the "Settings" tab. then click on the box that says "Extend my Windows display onto this Monitor", and you may have to select a monitor.

    At least thats how it works on my Acer
  3. yep that is the one, thanks for the help
  4. This assumes that windows has recognized that the monitor port in the back of your notebook is active. If the above suggestion doesn't work, then you need to take an extra step: Look for a key combination on your keyboard that will enable that second monitor port. It looks like Fn+F5 or Fn+F6 will do it on your machine according to the manual.

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    You dont need multiple monitors to paper trade.
  6. I find this comment kind of odd. In my mind, you need the same setup for sim as you do for live trading. You don't want to sim one way and then go live another way. As a coach would say, you practice as hard as you would play the real game.