Running 4 LCD on one videocard.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Vas62, Feb 18, 2008.

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    It's kinf of stupid question ,but researching for quad videocard I noticed two connectors only.
    Is it some kind of cable splitters that must be used ?
    None of the manufacturers sites mention actual connection procedure.
    Ideally I want to ran 8 LCD ( no bigger than 22" I guess) from two videocards.

    I will consider buying newer machine with PCI express slots, but right now running older with one AGP x8 and one PCI slots.
    Any suggestion on cards?

    Thanks in advance for response.

    Edit: Funny NVidia has videocards marked as quadro supporting only two monitors (NVS 270, 285. 290).
    They shouldn't be called Quadro IMO.
  2. You're right, an LFH-60 Y splitter cable plugs into each of the two card outlets to provide the DVI and/or VGA connections for 4 screens.

    I use two G45X4QUAD-B cards for 8 19" screens (but only actually use 5 of the outputs, only one pair of eyes!), you can pick them up pretty cheap on eBay, individually they go for around $200 or you could buy a job lot for example these work out at $100 each including the splitter cables, keep two cards and sell the other eight individually, get yours free and make a few bucks into the bargain!

    These work great for charting and general applications ie platforms, browser, email etc, intense graphic applications I imagine would struggle a bit.

    There are some good reviews of cards here and a discussion forum.

    The worst card I ever used was the VTBook PCMCIA card from villagetronic on a laptop, the cursor lagged way too much!
  3. 1. The cards have 2 ports, but require a DMS-59 cable. It looks like a "splitter", but is not.

    2. Nvida makes a Quadro 400, PCI card, but you'd need 2 PCI slots available to run 8 monitors. Or, you could check Matrox, Appian or Powercolor... they have legacy quads which might work in your AGP slot.

    3. The word "quadro", has nothing to do with the number "4".
  4. Vas62


    Wow,that a fast reply from you guys.
    Thank you for info.
    That's all I need to know.
    I just checked I have two PCI available so I can use two identical cards.

    I was allways more than sure word Quadro is in reference to number 4,as 4 wheel drive in Audi, four audio channels in audio electronics etc,, etc. I may be wrong then.

    Thanks adain guys. Didn't expect an answer so early in the morning.

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    Thanks again everybody.
    Good luck and profitable days for all of you.:)
  10. You too!
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