running 2 external monitors from a laptop

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    I'm currently running a dell desktop which i upgraded with a video card that supports dual monitors.

    Now i'm planning on replacing my desktop with a laptop. I still want to run my two external monitors when i'm at home but I can't find a laptop that would support that. The best I could find is a laptop that will show the laptop screen and 1 external monitor.

    Any ideas how I'd be able to run two external monitors from a laptop?
  2. Matrox has a couple of external hardware devices that will let you run multiple monitors. I use the triple head for my desk top but it requires certain graphics cards. It should work for your laptop, providing the video card in the lap top is compatible.

    Best of luck

  3. Yup. Matrox. Problem solved
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    in other words, there's no laptop that has "built-in" capabilities to do this? I wasn't planning on having external hardware.
  5. You can likely have one built for you for $500 more than a similiarly provisioned single output rig would cost, if it's that important to you.
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    Some laptops have a TV-Out.

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  8. I have 2 laptops that support Dual 24" 1920x1200 resolution...
    So the 2 laptops side-by-side drive 4 x 24" 1920x1200 resolution...
    Which is what I need in a portable system.

    The first is a ThinkPad T61p with Advanced Dock and Nvidia 570m graphics...
    The second is an HP 8530w with the 2008 Dock and Nvidia 770m graphics.

    You need a dock... and a high end graphics card.
    The Nvidia Control Panel makes this super simple.
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