Runaway Democrats in Wisconsin about to cost taxpayers $165M+

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    Its bad enough that the democrat state senators in Wisconsin have abandon their posts as legislators in order to delay passing a bill to restore fiscal sanity to Wisconsin but now the Governor is saying that a deadline to restructure Wisconsin's debt will pass costing the taxpayers over $165 million dollars in addition finance costs if at least one of the runaway senators does not return.

    These idiots running around in neighboring Illinois giving ad hoc press conferences and bitching about their personal financal burdens are about to waste $165M straight out of the taxpayers pockets in their state.

    The electorate of Wisconsin should form a class-action lawsuit against the state senators and seek $165M in personal judgements against their personal assets. This is an outrage.

    Governor Walker has no choice now but to massively terminate the employment of the union members and to pursue civil judgements against the state senators. Recall efforts are going to be run against almost all of the runaway senators.
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    I think even with some extensions Thursday is the deadline to fire 1500 state employees if the Dems stay AWOL.
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    The alternative is that those who work for WI government are not allowed to take action as a group. Walker went too far. Ironically, he's part of a group.
  4. As we witness democracy dieing in Wisconsin read the following. An excerpt and more than appropriate:

    “The truth is, they want you, you see, to be poor,” Aristophanes wrote in his play “The Wasps.” “If you don’t know the reason, I’ll tell you. It’s to train you to know who your tamer is. Then, whenever he gives you a whistle and sets you against an opponent of his, you jump out and tear them to pieces.”
  5. How do you feel about a class action lawsuit against Bush for all the needless deaths he caused ? And lets not even talk about the cost to the US.
    How do you feel about Bush and others in the last administration being prosecuted for war crimes ?
    Just wondering if your sense of justice is party related.
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    You come up with the most rediculous arguments, asshole.
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    The electorate is out, actually on the street, this weekend, around a 100,000 or more, standing with the public service workers of WI. Not much in the right-wing biased media about it, though.
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    I think that is an equivocation of unrelated moral issues. Liberals can't make a straight up argument so everything is some tangential comparison to George Bush.


  9. Honestly I think unions and liberals are doing themselves more harm than good in the public eye.

    I couldn't be happier about it , well until the riot police are called in.
    Big gubbermint union police attacking big gubbermint protesters what's not to love?

  10. LOL. ... I went to school at UW-Madison. I knew quite a lot of kids in the School of Journalism at the time ....

    too rich ... draw your own conclusions, just don't attempt to beat me, (ie; regulate me), with them
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