Run the stock indexes up, oil will follow

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  1. Can't have it both ways is seems. Oil was falling when the stock market was falling.

    Jam stocks higher oil will follow.
  2. Based on the action on 6/2/08 thru 6/4/08, the stock market and oil were declining as the dollar was rising.

    Today on 6/5/08, the opposite occurred where the stock market and oil surged as the dollar declined.

    The fed can turn on the liquidity spigot to keep the stock market up but the side effect is that some of the liquidity finds it way into oil. It would seem likely that both the stock market and oil would take a hit if the dollar went up substantially.
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    gasoline erased 14 cents of a 16 cent drop yesterday

    no way the economy can expand with gas prices this high, no matter how cheery people want to see it

    economy hasnt even begun to factor in $4,50 gallon diesel fuel to transport everything

    the 'instant inflation' effect of fed stimulus is *very different* this time around
  4. But as long as Lehman survives another day screw the public and rest of the world.

    The fed has opened a nasty can of worms.
  5. Oil had it's biggest one day gain EVER today, sure not catching much press, but the stock market is.
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    sure looked like a fed print, didnt it?
  7. The typical left wing argument.

    Gas prices and the US economy have risen together steadily since 2002. $4.50 gas will have little impact on US consumer and stock market.
  8. What does this statement mean?

    I am greener than green, and can only parrot the Canadian talking heads, but everyone seemed awfully quiet about the surge in oil on BNN today too. They have been warning us retailers to get the heck out of the TSX for the last couple weeks. Then a little warning not to be too bearish too soon, and lo and behold we had a 2% up day today. Today Jeff Rubin was telling us that the TSX would go to 15200 this year but that there would be lots of volatility in between. Given that we closed at 14983 today, we would have been hitting that number in a week if oil were expected to plateau at these levels.

    The skeptic in me has a hard time believing it's just experience that leads them to such confident statements about market direction, but they have been uncannily accurate so far.

    Certainly can't comment about the US markets, but it seems like today was only the pause that refreshes for the oil's downward slide.
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    gas already is 4.50 for regular here in L.A.

    im figuring any premium over 100$ oil is pure spec and an air bubble ready to pop anytime and implosion prone.However should demand destruction in the usa not affect worldwide supply,this economy is fkd huge.HEre in Cali we have the worst real estate market falling like a rock combined with insane gas prices that spells DISASTER.Can you say ED MCMAHON???????Thats Cali all over.
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    That's exactly it. Buffoonke probably thinks if he hikes rates 25BP at a FOMC meeting that will be the end of inflation. The end result will be that Lehman won't be saved anyway, so we will have hyperinflation all for nothing.

    This academic buffoon has spent his whole life studying the great depression and NOT studying what Volcker had to do to tame inflation (brutal recession that caused deflation) or what happens when you do the oppoposite of what they did /ddn't do in the 1930's ie cut rates and not allow bank failures - result is the same - 10 years of recession as per Japan.

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