Run on brokerages accounts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daal, Mar 17, 2008.

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    What would be the effect of this?
  2. We're about to find out in 5 minutes. IB's chart is scaring the shit out of me.
  3. Did we find out in 5 minutes? (What was in 5 minutes anyways?)
  4. It looks like they could all go bankrupt and markets will be down by 2% at most. This is a testament to the reliance of the American economy.
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    a run on brokerages could be disasterous imo, it would induce everybody to sell securities and assets to cash out, fed would have to open the discount window to brokers too to prevent meltdown. I just hope IB is not lying about seggregating the clients assets.
  6. i thought ibkr had a strong balance sheet.

    are we witnessing irrational fear, or is there something we don't know?

    i wonder how much money the sipc has on hand in case a number of retail brokers fail. this is turning into an absolute panic.
  7. The discount window is already open to primary brokers.

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    those are primary 'dealers', mf ibkr arent included on that. I believe there is only 18 primary dealers and a few of them are international banks subsidiaries
  9. great job taking away the uptick rule. Load up, float a rumor, start banging the bid.

    Somebody needs to be executued on American Idol.
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    same nonsense on a continuous basis. markets that have uptick rule are going down . we have had bear markets in US with uptick rules. the market is going down for a reason. it is the unwinding of leveraged instruments.
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