Run on Banks THIS AUGUST 2009?

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  1. The FDIC is scheduled to report its second quarterly results on August 25, 2009 (appears in the video)
  2. People have been warning about a bank holiday for years now. You sound like a broken record.

    Before you post this crap please "search" the forum to see if it's already been posted. If you don't want to search, please go to the yahoo boards. You'll feel more at home there.
  3. Dont listen to krazykarl. Sometimes things should be posted more than once. Not everyone spends 6 hours per day on ET and reads every post like many on here. Some people actually only come to ET once or twice per week. Anyway, on Aug 26 we will see if this bank holiday thing comes to play. Either way, someone will get to say "i told you so"
  4. I'll tell you right now - I told you so. Period. Boom. Done.
  5. clacy


    Ahh, the life of a doomsday/conspiracy theorist...........


    Always waiting, waiting, waiting for the sky to fall......
  6. Better get your cyanide pills ready...:eek:
  7. clacy


    Basically, I come to ET for entertainment only. There is little actual trading info on here anymore.

    This site has mainly become just ByLoSellHi copy & pasting "depression" articles and goldbugs posting their latest crackpot conspiracy theory or youtube.
  9. Stop posting this crap in the economics forum.
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