Run NinjaTrader Amazon EC2

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by frostengine, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Has anyone successfully ran an automated strategy on a "small" instance of EC2? This box will only be used for executing the strategy. I am trying to determine which size box I need as the prices vary greatly.

  2. The small works. Windows Server 08 uses very little ram.
  3. The two biggest considerations with Amazon over a private hosting company are going to be connectivity and connectivity. With Amazon you will be up almost 100% of the time but they are located in Virginia (mainly) so there is a bit of extra latency there depending on your broker.

    Another thing, if you can swing W7 vs. Server 2008, Backblaze is cheap for a basic backup (unlimited space) but they only work with W7 right now as Server OS is seen as something enterprise.