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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nitro, Apr 5, 2003.

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    While that's a good price for the SyncMaster 191T 19" LCD relative to it's list price, it's really not that great. Doing a simple scan I found them for $690 at, $698 at NexCom Direct and, $714 at Megamax, $715 at Royal Computer, $717 at, etc. etc.
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    Those are all silver. Try finding a black one for less than $749.

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    ComputerHQ has the black one for $679!!!! Thanks for the link!

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    Glad I could help. Of the companies listed above I show that, Megamax, Royal Computer and also have them in black. Of course, best for anyone interested to confirm availability.
  6. I'd be careful of companies like this. For instance, a search on for 191T returns 4 results:

    Samsung LCD 19" 191T-Black $679
    Samsung LCD 19" 191T-Silver $695
    Samsung 191T-BLACK 19" LCD MONITOR BLACK $780
    Samsung 191T-Silver 19in. LCD Monitor $780

    Strange that they would list the black and silver models twice at different prices.

    Clicking on cheaper of the two "Samsung LCD 19" 191T-Silver" monitors reveals that its really a 181T that's been mislabeled. Could the 191T-Black for $679 be a mislabel too? If so, the $780 price for the other two would seem to be more in line for a 191T.
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    You guys are clever! Thanks for pointing that out :mad:

    nitro :cool:
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    Have the old Samsung SyncMaster's, was going to upgrade to the Dell 19" LCD's for around $500 or so apiece. Are these 191T's really that much better?
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    I have seen things back and forth that the dells are in fact the "same" monitor as the 191T. Then I have seen that they are not quite the same.

    Do a search (upper right hand corner) on this site and decide for yourself.

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