Rumsfeld To Congress: Drop Dead

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  1. "Congress wants to investigate a $23 billion sweetheart deal that the Pentagon tried to ram through a couple of years ago to lease aerial refueling tankers from Boeing. To do this, they've requested that the Pentagon turn over documents related to the negotiation of the deal. Donald Rumsfeld doesn't want to play ball:

    Rumsfeld told the committee he would let its members see e-mails that were reports of communications with members of Congress or references to them. The members' names and any identifying information on them would be deleted, the letter said.

    But senators would not get access to some information that is at the heart of the investigation.

    Rumsfeld wrote that e-mails and documents that would not be made available to senators included communications with the White House and the Office of Management and Budget, discussions with Rumsfeld or Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, discussions with Defense Department lawyers and communications that touch on projected budget options.

    So he'll let Congress see all the emails that were originally sent to Congress in the first place as well as reports related to them. But not anything else.

    In other words, nothing they don't already know. Considering that there's both a serious scandal and a serious question of malfeasance on the part of the Air Force involved in this deal, Congress has every right to want to investigate. A "rare" congressional subpoena might be the next step. Stay tuned."

    Rumsfeld to restrict senators' access to documents in Boeing deal

    hehe so much for open gov't, "for the people by the people" and all the good stuff. I wonder who's mansion is out tax dollar buying today:confused: :confused:
  2. Why don't they just ask Linda Daschle, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle's wife and Boeing's chief lobbyist? No conflict of interest there, is there?