Rumsfeld said it beautifully

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nolan, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Nolan


    ".and that's a good thing"

    How true. There has to be a vast majority of iraqi's who are going to be willing to help knock saddams regime out, and get their revenge. Being brutalized for so long tends to do that. I'm sure last nights strike, the info came from iraqi source, and that's a good thing. And I bet alot more of that type of info to come.

    Very positive. Very.

    peace to all,


    ps I want the people who WANT to fight to be fighting right now, not a "rich kid" who would cry and not want to fight.
  2. it seems logical that, facing certain war on their country, they would do whatever they could to shorten it.
  3. We've got a totally volunteer proffessional military now. The people that are out there chose to do it. There are doctors and dentists out there in the reserves giving up tens of thousands of dollars to help their country. I know millionaires that send their kids to west point and now their kids are over there right now and they aren't complaining !

    Don't tell me that the poor are rounded up and forced to fight the wars, that is IRAQ'S MILITARY, not ours, and you will see which one surrenders.
  4. Nolan


    b/c I totally agree with you 100%.

    all I was saying is dont force a "RICH" kid who doesnt want to fight, to fight. I also say, don't force ANY kid to fight who doesn't want to fight.

    Pick the ones who want to fight! That's who I want to fight for the US, the ones who want to!