Rumsfeld Resigns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wayne Gibbous, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Rummy steps down.

    Wonder how the big defense contractors will do now?

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  2. Tums


    he did not resign.

    he was unceremonially kicked out, dumped, trashed.
  3. Uhm, he tried to resign two times in 2004 over the prisoner scandal. Bush persuaded him not to.

    So, NO he was not kicked out, more like he finally got a chance to leave.
  4. toc


    Rumsfeld's replacement Bob Gates is going to be groomed as 2008 Candidate for the GOP. This move is 'save the ship' strategy as there seems to be no other good leader in the GOP adn today's results have shown that people are angry at the GOP. As to what/how will BG do different than Rumsfeld that will win the war in Iraq is just a matter of tossing a coin.
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    He was replaced by an that is an insult!.

  6. Is Condi next?
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  8. How many Aggie's does it take to screw up the world?

  9. Scoundrel is way too nice of a word for that group.
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