rumsfeld nutrasweet - in his book ?

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  1. Doe$ thi$ A$$ $peak$ about how he did to feed the American and the world on that $hit ? How he detroyed the FDA ?

    I mean it's a great achievment ! He did destroy scientific myths of integrity :D. Great Strategist :D

    However does he has the integrity and honnesty to speak about his life at Searl and how it influenced him later ?

    (BTW Searl = Monsanto )...

    I bet it fall in the unknow known...
  2. Holy shit. Who breeds this idiots?? And why do the feel like crapping on this site?
  3. whoa whoa

    hold your horses

    Why are you defending Rumsfeld ?

    He did push aspartame which turns into formaldehyde in your body and gives people cancer.

    So I ask you again.

    Why are you defending the guy who said on TV trillion dollar is unaccounted for.

    What are you athlonmank8 ?

    Are you some kind of a Neocon ?
  4. He's been CEO of Gilead...
  5. Pekelo


  6. Watch your words... you may regret them at one point...

    Psyop ? lol joking... you are nothing to the point of not being able to do a little search...

    So thank you for your really important comment...



    Hello JohnathanIII ! Congrats for your recent succes on this forum. I see that you are trailed by a few followers :D ( Pekelo ) !!

    Concerning your quote I still firmly believe in my SS theory. I call them the Son of Satans. However I am not sure that he is part of them... and it's not important.

    In the Glory of God they will be blown away.

    The most funny thing is that I am sure that they try to fight Him :D They are so lost...

    I just wait for the day the market will return on them... it will be mercyless. For that to happen we need an independent and right legal framework. I hope that we as Human will be able to clean this mess before it's taken care for "us"... I should say for Life.

    Food sold by the market has to be clean ( multidimensional meaning).