rumsfeld is toast

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  1. he is opening up a gitmo daycare...
  2. Finally,

    Now the only question is do they get Dick and George soon. If we're lucky this nightmare is coming to an end...
  3. As much as I truly believe George the village idot is worthy of an impeachment hearing, it would be so detriminal to our country.
  4. Night of the Long Knives? :D
  5. He won't get impeached -- there aren't enough votes. He'd have to resign. I could see Cheney going first and getting a pardon for any questionable acts. Then George would turn it over to a "Ford" who would hit him with the same if necessary. They' d probably say they couldn't work with the Dems, etc...

    Then we could turn off the military juggernaut and get back to fixing the huge number of domestic problems on our plate.

    Fantasy for a day.
  6. john99


    I had a short trade on when the news was announced. I had CNBC on, but I wasn't listening to what was announced, I was wondering what the heck was going on. Thankfully I got break even on my short. I'm taking my profits for the day and stopping. Things are too wild to trade for me.
  7. ..... buy some GILD, pump bird flu, collect free money, step down from office, retire in luxury.......

    cant beat it:D
  8. A sad day for America.
  9. S2007S


    Markets seem to enjoying it...nasdaq up 5 points now.....seems nothing can take this market down...
  10. Yes, I am sure that a sad day for you is a sad day for America , and the world, and the universe !
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