Rumours of UK hedge fund collapse

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    LONDON (AFX) - Leading shares turned lower in opening deals as vague talk a UK hedge fund has hit financial trouble dragged on financials and added to jitters ahead of key US retail data, dealers said.
    At 9.13 am, the FTSE 100 (news) was down 12.1 points at 6,221.2, off an opening high of 6,240.7, mirroring the weaker wider market.
    Back in London, financials led the broader market lower following rumours a UK hedge fund is facing financial difficulties.
    'The market is being hit by talk that a UK hedge fund is about to go bust,' one London based trader noted.
    'We've nothing concrete and don't know if it's commodities related or not.'
  2. there should nothing to worry about as all hedge funds according to regulators and central bankers are hedged on all positions by way of arbitrage.
    i.e. long one unit of market and short one unit of market and make billions of dollars by minute differenecs in price.

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  3. I love it.

    Hedge funds (95% of which are now officially known as 'stupid money' funded by stupid and complacent fools) are creating massive market inefficiencies that those of us who are paying diligent attention to the markets can exploit.

    Huge inefficiencies are the intelligent investor's best friend. Thanks, Hedge Funds.
  4. My theory is that the "95% Lose" premise remains nearly constant across all market participants.

    So that includes retail newbs and hacks AND (to a large part) hedge fund *pros* who are, most likely, simply cowboys, crooks or clueless.

    Many many more HF collapses to come as liquidity contracts and volatility rises...
  5. rumour has is that their caught on stgyen and trying to unwind the position. its off three big figures approx. effectively thisis a yen carry trade position.