Rumours of Britains biggest bank insolvency...?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vedantatrader, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I m hearing rumours that HBOS may have liquidity problems. The shares in HBOS dropped nearly 20% in minutes and then trading stopped for 5mins.

    Reuters has some stuff on it. HBOS CEO said everything is fine and they have access to the wholesale markets...they are Britains biggest mortgage lenders.

    No smoke without fire...

    FTSE dropped 100 points also from being 50 up
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    Re: "everything is fine"

    We heard that last week with BSC.
  3. Halifax Bank of Scotland may deny rumours but everyone knows it's a Northern Rock.
  4. All we need now is a bank run on HBOS.
    Pictures of customers queing outside branches.
  5. Can't find any info on this - got any internet sources? Northern Rock is tiny compared to Halifax Bank and the collapse of Halifax would endanger the British banking system, but it is owned by the Highly Stupid Bank of China - should be assets there to cover it as Asia was not hit so hard by subprime.
  6. oops Bank of Scotland? - knew it was time to get new contacts.
  7. Since the rumors came out this morning? If so, those hunters work pretty fast!
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