Rumors of CC being bought?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. hajimow


    I heard from a broker the rumor that CC {Circuit City} will be bought by a private firm. Anyone has heard the same thing? I mean the solid news. I also heard that some investors are accumulating the shares at these levels.
  2. maybe 3 weeks ago.

    In case you haven't heard getting people to buy risky debt has become next to impossible. You'd need to sell a fair amount of risky debt to take CC private.
  3. hajimow


    I am following CC and now I am a firm believer that CC will drop below $10 in a couple of days. It is a safe short in this market. Look at it now. Everything is up and it has dropped 50 cents.
  4. Hope you cashed in nicely on that CC short. $8.67 after shitty earnings.

    I was thinking a dead cat bounce play on it but will probably hold off.