Rumored nuclear testing v. cycle analysis

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  1. I was told that Iran might be testing their nuclear ability by blasting of a nuclear charge on 10-6 . If that will happen , markets might be selling of.
    traditional cycle analysis has 10-10 as a next significant day to watch .
    I personally do not believe that any nuclear testing will happen.
  2. i got that spam email too. just marketing hype to sell newsletters.

    Dear Vernon,

    Late last week, we received credible information from one of our most reliable intelligence sources that the Iranian government plans to test a nuclear device on October 6, 2003 -- just a few days from now.

    We're convinced that a nuclear test by Iran would be a significant, world-changing event that has the potential to trigger a substantial sell-off in the world's stock markets.

    I'm writing to let you know there are two simple, easy steps you can now execute to prepare yourself for any such event. It is essential that investors with considerable stock portfolios, 401(k)s or IRA accounts become aware of this dangerous situation and the impact it could have on their long-term holdings.

    The information about the Iranian plans comes to us from DEBKA-Net-Weekly, an intelligence source included in our service as a bonus. It was DEBKA, you'll recall, that helped us forecast the U.S. invasion of Iraq more than a year before it happened. DEBKA's intelligence in the Middle East is second to none, and we take its warning of this impending nuclear test very seriously.

    Why take this urgent warning seriously?

    Before I go any further, I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear. One of the things we're most proud of here at 21st Century Investor is that we're not bulls or bears. We do our utmost not to cheerlead the market up or down. We base our recommendations on thorough research and we take great care to use the most accurate information resources available anywhere. Our track record speaks for itself. In the last 12 months our monthly newsletter, 21st Century Investor has racked up over 800% in profits on closed positions.

    We do our best to be objective and thoughtful with every recommendation we make. Keeping this in mind we feel an obligation to alert you to this very serious and dangerous situation that is approaching quickly.

    Why Wall Street will nosedive on news
    of a Iranian nuclear test
    Up to this point most experts in the international community believed that the Iranians would not have a nuclear capability until 2005, and that there was still time to prevent their acquisition of these terrible weapons of mass destruction.

    In the last few days, however, the Iranians have signaled an unwillingness to cooperate with the U.N. inspectors, as evidence of uranium vital for a weapons program has been discovered. Official statements being made by the Iranian government have indicated that it is on the verge of withdrawing its cooperation with the U.N. completely. In poker this called a "tell."

    Despite assurances that its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful uses, evidence continues to mount that Iran is working feverishly to develop nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The Wall Street Journal reports that U.N. inspectors have reported finding highly enriched uranium at a yet a second site in Iran. This type of uranium is ONLY used to make weapons.

    If the Iranian nuclear test occurs, as we believe it will, Wall Street will almost certainly suffer a sudden and wicked nosedive -- 500, even 1,000 points is NOT out of the question.

    The implications of Iran being armed with nuclear weapons cannot be understated. It would literally tilt the scales of power in the Middle East. Iran is controlled by a handful of fanatically anti-American, Israeli Muslim clerics who are currently sponsoring and sheltering al-Qaeda fact, they've been doing so for years.

    The frightening significance of October 6
    Monday, October 6, is a key date in Israeli and Arab history, as it is the 30th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War against Israel...a war that the Arab and Muslim world has always maintained it won.
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    DEBKA is almost as reliable a news source as The Drudge!