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    I heard a rumor that andover has burnt some bridges with specialists on the NYSE exchange and many of the andover orders have been traded trhough, not filled first on limit orders etc...

    Is this true? Wont the andover traders have a hard time trading?
  2. This sounds insane and made up. How do you burn a bridge with a specialist? I have heard the same scenario of having a harder time getting good fills and price improvements from many other traders from many different firms.


    Nice post....welcome to the take your bullshit somewhere else.
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    I was talking to another firm and they told me this. They said they have faster executions because of this. He said if I trade at andover his traders will smoke me every time if we try to buy stock at the same time.

    I want to learn how to trade and this is what the firm told me.
  5. I am speechless. Good luck
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    It just shows there are firms out there that are feeding on the "mixers" of the world. If anything you just gave Andover a huge amount of credibility since i doubt an established firm would use that line for new business.
  7. The first thing you have to learn about trading is the bullcrap that flies around to get your business.
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    How do you know which firms are not lying? I don't know much about direct access traded, except for what I read in books. Every place i talk to said they have the fastest system. Who has the fastest system?
  9. You should post the name of the firm who told you this so that everyone here could learn who has this "smoking fast" execution platform. Obviously if they are telling you about it they are using it as a form of advertising for new traders so they should not be embarrassed by you helping them out and letting everyone know.
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