Rumor this afternoon 03-19-08 Suprise Rate Cut

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Just heard fed was going to cut rates to 2.00% they said they really ment to do that yesterday but forgot.
  2. AMBAC has been bailed out, expect a 1,000 point rally on the S&P.
  3. Goldmam and Lehman really did not use that failure window, that was just a joke.
  4. Goldman Sachs voted against a 100 basis point easing but did approve the 75 yesterday. Case closed.
  5. gobar


    lewis made an offer to buy BSC for $112
  6. Goldman said save the .25 for an emergency, like maybe today.
  7. Fed makes historic move and opens it's discount window to any HEALTHY American with a steady job.
  8. I am flying to NY
  9. Lets race, hey wait don't we need to go to Washington, anyone know were this window is. Do we need to call Microsoft and use their windows?

  10. ROTFLMAO now thats a funny post THANKS!
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