Rumor of GOOG bid for Twitter

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  1. I'm not a big twitter fan, maybe I just dont get it.

    Whats the diff between twitter and a room full of idiots on IRC?

    200 million?
  2. three letters *F-A-D* This twitter and other web 2.0 nonsense irritates me to no end.
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    Instead of the differences, let's focus on the similarities. For some reason more and more people actually think that anyone gives a shit about what they're doing, saying, or thinking. Twitter has thrown that much more fuel on the fire of self-importance.
  4. Apparently there are enough idiots out there that DO care what other IDIOTS are saying , to justify these things.

    How else do you explain Oprah, Jerry Springer, and Dancing with the Stars.

  5. The picture of Oprah on the cover of O worshipping Michelle Obama was disgusting. Also if racism was such a problem in the USA as Oprah makes out it is she wouldn't be were she is today.

  6. Didn't Newscorp pay 650m for MySpace? What would be a fair value today? 65m?
  7. real idiots are those judge and always underestimate objects

    by following news sources/reliable people via twitter, one can get plenty of valuable information

    maybe you should think why the people you are following just talk about nonsense, and pls tell more about your friend choosing tendency, thus, people can help you poor thing
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    Here we go again, I was trying so hard from placing posts on here about Twitter but I have to rant yet again about another piece of technology driven hype. Twitter has literally gone from nothing to everything overnight. There is not one place I turn to, whether its bloomberg, cnn or even the radio without hearing some talk about twitter and how many lame followers someone has. This is what we call a social networking FAD, this is one of these here one day and forgotten the next. With google wanting in on this, if it is true, reminds me of the pathetic amount of money MSFT payed for Facebook just 2 years ago. HOW much is that stake worth now MSFT, practiacally nothing.
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    What Twitter has going for it is that it's more of a 2-way medium than just reading RSS. And it may be easier to subscribe to than an RSS feed, for an average mouse clicker.

    But that is really not much. For real time communications irc is superior.

    Maybe the biggest opportunity here is for larger operators like Facebook, to find out what Twitter (or irc, or newsgroups) does better than they do now.

    FB is great but it still isn't a one stop shop.
  10. navigateqd, just another sad ass just joined poser.

    Perm ignore now and avoid the rush
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