Rumor? DNA tests after missiles strike 'Saddam convoy'

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    Can we say r a l l y if this is confirmed? I remember the 20 pt melt up in the ES when a dead-Saddam rumor hit the markets way back when.,12239,982710,00.html

  2. saddam is meaningless now. i doubt it would impact the mkt any way.
  3. posted differently

    the other day ... that saddam and his sons are safe

    but not in Iraq ...
  4. lol market ramped when they caught that presidential secretary the other day.

    "SADDAM DEAD" would be huge for the market.
  5. Resolving Hussein's Fate Would Stem Opposition, Lawmakers Say

    June 22 (Bloomberg) -- Confirming Saddam Hussein's death would slow the momentum of guerilla fighters in Iraq who have killed more than a dozen U.S. soldiers and sabotaged pipelines since the capital city Baghdad fell, U.S. lawmakers said.

    ``If we can prove that he's dead, a lot of the steam certainly will go out of that,'' Senator Pat Roberts, a Republican who is chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee, said on the ``Fox News Sunday'' television program.

    U.S. specialists are performing DNA tests to determine if human remains from a bombed convoy of luxury four-wheel drive vehicles are those of Hussein and one of his sons, the London- based Observer newspaper reported today. U.S. Central Command and Pentagon spokesmen declined to comment on the report.

    Armed groups have killed 17 U.S. soldiers -- including one dead in a grenade attack today -- since U.S. president George W. Bush declared an end to major fighting May 1. At least 39 others have died in accidents, according to figures released by the Pentagon. The U.S. lost 138 personnel before May 1 in combat and accidents.

    U.S. officials are investigating whether an explosion late Saturday at an oil pipeline north of Baghdad was the result of sabotage by anti-U.S. groups. It was the second explosion this month at the pipeline. U.S. officials are seeking to restore exports and use revenue from oil sales to help rebuild the country.

    Intensified Search

    Attempts to locate Hussein, his sons, and closest advisers have intensified since the capture of one of his top aides two days ago, Roberts said. The man, Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti, was No. 4 on the U.S. list of the 55 most wanted Iraqi leaders. U.S. officials have said he likely remained in contact with Hussein after the U.S.-led invasion.

    The Observer reported that the convoy was attacked last Wednesday after U.S. forces received intelligence information that Hussein and his family were traveling in the desert west of Baghdad. The U.S. intercepted satellite telephone conversations involving either Hussein or his sons and launched a missile strike on the vehicles, the newspaper said.

    Confirming the death of Hussein would help undercut the morale of fighters who are staging hit-and-run attacks on U.S. soldiers and instill confidence among the broader Iraqi public, Senator Jay Rockefeller, the ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee, said on the Fox program.

    Some of the guerrilla attacks are being conducted by volunteers from outside Iraq who are forming a loosely organized resistance to the U.S. occupation forces, he said.

    ``It's creating havoc for our troops,'' Rockefeller said.

    The U.S. launched bombing attacks in March and April against buildings where intelligence reports suggested Hussein and his to aides were located, including a strike on the night before U.S. and U.K. troops began the ground war. The New York Times reported last week that al-Tikriti told officials that Hussein and his two sons, Uday and Qusay, survived the war.

    ``Until I know through DNA or through some conclusive pieces of evidence that Saddam Hussein and/or his sons are dead, that they are alive, as far as I'm concerned, because they're alive to the Iraqi people,'' Rockefeller said.

    King Abdullah II of Jordan agreed with the U.S. lawmakers that Hussein's fate needs to be resolved for the situation in Iraq to stabilize.

    ``I think that for everybody, there needs to be some closure,'' Abdullah said on ABC's ``This Week'' program. ``I wouldn't underestimate the fear that Saddam still shadows his people with.''

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  6. Proof?

    Who will believe the USA? You think the loyalists will believe a report given only by the USA, and not have the evidence confirmed by France, Germany, the Soviets, and all those who oppose the USA's efforts?

    Heck, if they believed the USA in the first place we wouldn't be having the problems we are having right now.
  7. yeah, but we don't care about that. we just want to know if there'll be a RALLY or not (at least that's all I care about)!!

    regarding the DNA itself, it was my understanding that the US (nor anyone else) did not have a reliable DNA sample from SH???

    ...unless they went thru his trash in a palace, but then again there would be no way to confirm that a sample from a palace was actually SH. i'd be skeptical of the findings. remember clonaid?? a fake (+) DNA test for SH would be relatively easy to manufacture, considering how 1)they can't confirm that the "reference" sample is SH since they could never directly get a sample from him; 2)that the chunk of flesh they dig out of the convoy was actually SH and not the same individual who left a sample at a palace.
  8. my "opinion" would be a feel good rally, maybe even lasting a up to a couple days, but it would be short lived and quickly correct.... you would think any threat saddam had to markets were already discounted in to the current rally.
  9. SPOOZ unch pre open. EURUSD unch from friday.
    It may be a rumour still, but I cannot see any impact so far.
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    Nobody with half a brain believed the USA in the first place and subsequent events certainly justify that lack of belief.

    Any problems the USA is now having are of their own making.

    BTW..............where are the WMD ?
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