Rumor--big Non-Farm # tomorrow

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    Supposedly the government is expected to really "doctor" the non-farm payroll numbers tomorrow. Expect some fireworks either way at 5:30a.m. PST. on Friday.
  2. unemployment rate could go to 15%

    >this market just keeps going up
  3. it doesnt really matter. we are in the "all news is good news"market mode right now.
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    I'll predict we add 100K non-farm jobs tomorrow (but in reality we'll have lost 300K), and the Dow we'll shoot to 10,800. :D
  5. S2007S


    The predictions for the these numbers are all over the place, there are even a few positive predictions of 25k+

    some predicting -50k+

    So there is really no set tone for this data tomorrow, Im leaning towards job gains for tomorrows numbers.

    Aside from that I dont think it matters what the numbers are they will be spun as being positive either way you look at it.

    +75k positive because jobs are being created and the recession looks to be fading away

    -75k positive because the fed is going to keep all programs in place like buying back MBS and keeping rates low for another 15 years

    Flat = positive

    No need to worry about tomorrows number, DOW 11k will be here for the bulls by the end of next week.
  6. this administration (and any for that matter) can justify ALL lies as "too big to fail"

    It is for your own good little wards of the state :)

    Ooooh, that reminds me...time to cough up my tax dues to my master employer.
  7. 1) Use Chicago Time as your reference.
    2) The revisions to prior numbers may be the "thing" tomorrow. :eek:
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    It goes against my conscience to use anything related to Chicago or Illinois in my conversations. :D

  9. ? have Olympic Fever. We won't. :(
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    I will take all your longs. I will sell yall however many contracts you want to buy of ES. I'm gonna screw you.
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