Rumor: Apple buying Yahoo?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I have started to hear this rumor recently from some trusted sources. I have no position in either of the companies but I like the idea. Anyone has heard the same rumor? Does it make sense? I think if that happens , both stocks will fly.
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    I just bought some YHOO shares AH. What the heck.
  3. i don't think apple would really gain much by acquiring yahoo. isn't yahoo kind of second rate these days?
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    Second rate compared to Google ? yes but in order to complete your portfolio , you cannot buy the first rate. I can name at least 5 companies which if they buy YHOO, will achieve big but I see AAPL can score big but maybe I am wrong.
    AAPL will have emails, search engine, lots of social media, apps,..... and can compete better with MSFT, GOOG, Facebook.
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    Apple has #1 Us market cap now, how much bigger can they get?
  6. I see the future!
  7. I think AAPL should buy Red Hat (RHT)

    Offer a premium of $50.00 a share ($10 Billion), make it as user friendly as Ubuntu and then they have a fantastic OS for the PC market and other devices. MSFT has a market cap of $226 Billion for their OS, RHT is well worth the $10 Billion.

    RHT would also be a good acquisition for GOOG.
  8. Your link to Yahoo's Finance site is the reason Apple should buy Yahoo. Google Finance is a distant second. I've tried it from time to time, but always go back to using Yahoo.
    The others I use for my Internet market news are Bloomberg, CBS Marketwatch and Kitco. But Yahoo is essential. It ties everything together very nicely.
  9. they should buy facebook.
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    Why would apple waste time buying yahoo, that would a worthless step to make.......I mean apple is the biggest, and I hate saying this, but no company stays on top forever.
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