Rules to live by for a Trader...Trading Rules!!

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    What are some rules that you trade by


    1)Keep your cool...Be aware of your emotions
    2) Stay light....never be in to many shares
    3) Never add to a losing position
    4) Know how to take a loser ..this is what separates a good trader from a great trader
    5) Have circuit breakers...when you get down a certain $$ ..exit positions only no more trading
    6) Have a game plan before you get into a stock..never just give something a shot
    7) When you are done for the day.. never come back to the computer
    8) Don't churn yourself
    9) Get on a streak

    Any other trading rules to live by..
  2. My most important rule is to be patient with the market;

    ...Avoid overtrading
  3. RELAX, life is just a game. Everything will be alright.

    Unless, of course due to your constant loss of money you feel depressed and go on drugs. Later becomng homeless and have to gain money by slinging crack.

    Good luck.

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    Stick to your game...never do anyone elses indeas
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    Sitting all day in front of a computer cab be hard. I found ladies silk panties help a lot.
  6. Give it a quick toss whenSue Herrera and her monster cans comes on at early afternoon. Spank it early enough so you'll be reloaded by the time Maria B. comes on. Then it's shorts around the ankles when the CBS Evening news comes on with Katie Couric.

    Rennick Westheimer out
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    When you go to the big with who brung ya!!!

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    set your alert song to be an ancient Iranian song about the DEVIL :p
  9. Always make sure your monitors are clean while trading. Keep some Windex, plenty of towels, and a squeegee nearby if this is normally a problem for you.
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    Let your winner run....cut your losers!

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