Rules of Economics- Wars, that have to be obeyed regardless you are King or serf

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    I am compelled to write this after few days of reading ET Economics and Political section.

    Point #1

    So many of you promote war to somehow help the economy. You are entitled to your opinion that's not the issue. The rule is if you promote war then go ahead and fight in it.

    Put your trigger and risk where you mouth is. Don't send me, or my son, if you want war, you go ahead and get yourself war.

    Point # 2

    So many of you defend American Central Bank FED. And some of you are very good at it. Unfortunately it all falls into shallow water.

    Every dollar printed comes with Interest attached to it. This is the Definition of any private Central Bank, FED, Bank of England etc. No matter how you twist the words and practice your shilling.

    The Definition of Private Central Bank that controls the currency, is the fact that money is produced with interest attached.

    If a Central Bank prints money for the country X and that money is does not have interest attached to it. That Central Bank would in that case be working for the people and not itself.

    Thank you for your time.
    Sorry for long Post.
    Lets move on now :)
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  3. but americans love to die for "freedom","rights","constitution". we only have to shout any of these 3 words
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    Sometimes war comes to you whether you want it or not. Than what do you do? Suck dick?

    Suppose you're in prison, and the big mean dude wants a blow job from you in the shower. How do you handle it? Explain you're a pacifist, while dropping to your knees and opening your mouth nice and wide?
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    How can you trust anything FED has to say when no has the right to audit the FED

    I expect more from you people if you are going to debate me.
  7. okay but if you refuse u might die the same day, if you suck him, you might live another day and then get your chance to avenge yourself
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    You just made my point for me.

    When a war comes to me. Where is this war that came to shores or even international waters of United States of America.

    Show me non trumped up enemy that really threatens my country and I will fight.
    In fact I will shoot you if you are a coward and don't want to fight. ALAS no such enemy ever showed up.

    All US enemies are trumped up enemies that get the war industry going at expense of living breathing human beings which include Americans.

  9. Well said.
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    All US enemies are trumped up enemies that get the war industry going at expense of living breathing human beings which include Americans:

    +1 except for pearl harbor
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