Rules 'hiding' trillions in debt, Liability $516,348 per U.S. household

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  2. Between this and an expected prel. GDP on Thursday of only .7%, all I can say is that the world has gone farkin mad!!!

    With the underLYing fundamentals so terrible and the extreme bullishness of the equities markets, the end of this cycle looks to be very near. Classic divergence going on.
  3. don't worry; the repugantlans wil just print mo money.
  4. Inflate or die. There is no other way to keep this game going.
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    Unfortunately, "Inflate [also] = Die"
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    You used to be able to blame the Dems for their crazy spending and entitlement programs. Unfortunately, the Republicans are just as bad now.

    Bush is only conservative on one issue and that would be national defense.
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    Also, our politicians are chomping at the bit to add another 20 million poor people to the entitlement list. Each immigrant household is a negative $19,000/yr net on our tax burden.
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    all immigrants or illegal immigrants?
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