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    I have been doing my homework. Still no decision on a firm yet.

    Spoke w/ RuleOne Capital, an LLC group through ECHO Trade.The have offices in San Francisco & Chicago.

    They offer:

    1-2 weeks training

    new trader - .01 comission/ share

    minimum capital required 10,000

    Trader is responsible for 100% gains/losses

    Leverage starts at 4 to 1 and progresses according to your skill

    They have a proprietary software program called leaderboard

    Has any heard of these guys? What's the scoop?
  2. That deals blows.

    10k down for 4:1 leverage, high end commission and you are responsible for your losses?

    If you have 10k, better off going retail and negotiating a reasonable rate. At the worst, you are only risking 10k.
  3. give it to charity at least you can write it off.
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    I am open for suggestions. Who should I be looking at then?
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    They start you out at 4 to 1, eventually can progress 50 25 to leverage.
  6. That kinda deal reminds me of ETG deals way way way before Brights, Echo, Assent, Domestic, Hold, etc came into the picture.
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    Brights, Echo, Assent, Domestic, Hold

    Is that who you think I should look at?

    I have looked at Bright already.
  8. All I am saying is that there are better deals out there. However, much like anything else in business it is the package that counts. Training, software, reliability, fnancial viability all should factor in your decision. Search under pro firms , take notes, formulate your A-list then get out of your chair, talk to the traders, better yet ex-traders, managers, and get a sense of what u want.
  9. The stock rate isn't great, but it depends on how good the training is I would think. It might be better to pay .01 per share for a little while than to just drop $1000 on a class right off the bat. I imagine if it wasn't going well you could stop trading after the two week training and only be out a few hundred bucks or so, whereas if you spend $1000 on a class and it stinks, you are not getting it back.

    I would ask them if you get to be mentored by a good trader, actually get to sit next to someone making money, which in my opinion is one of the only ways to truly learn to trade, and for how long. Also I would ask if there are any restrictions to just leaving after the two week training period.
  10. Anyone trading w/ RuleOne Capital? Looks like they have an office in Napa, CA now.
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