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Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Dec 8, 2002.

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  1. rs7


    Ditto.... so this is why I have retreated from the trading forums recently and look for those who provide humor to lighten the day.

    I expressed my trading beliefs and overall strategy and approaches. I have found little to elevate my results. Meetoox has made some very insightful additions about options trading, and for that I thank him profusely. Now if I could get any options trades executed, maybe the info will pay off. So far, my firm's trading desk has proven to be less than competent. Oh well. And I don't have a clue if it is possible (it isn't on my platform) to enter spread positions at a specified price. And I will not leg into them. Anyone know of a platform that will allow this? Phoning my order desk has been a waste of time.

    Optional777 and MrSub use humor intentionally. Aphie and Thunderbolt are laugh riots without trying to be. Don Bright? Never know exactly when he means to be humorous, but he manages to do a fine job anyway. And dare I not mention MrSub'sMom, and also Gordon Gekko's Mom. Another pair of funny old biddies. And of course Smokey McPaat who can make anyone laugh with his friendly approach to the human condition.

    Darkhorse cracked me up without trying. Where is that guy? Publias/Commisso also adds a lot of humor. As do too many to mention.

    Some unnamed psycho made me laugh by his or her obsession with me. So I got laughs there too.

    The only time I never found humor in anything and in any way no matter how hard I tried was when I was in a foreign land in an unjust conflict. However, since it has been pointed out that this was actually an extended "fantasy" of mine, well then that makes me a 1000 batter. Because other than during that "fantasy" time, I always found something on the light side to elevate my spirits. As we all should strive to do.

    I am sorry I missed the Vladiator thing on EMT. He is one of my favorite posters. Can't catch them all. I never have gone back and scoured all the old posts I missed. Must be a character defect. But Vlad and I have exchanged many useful and mutually beneficial PM's and I consider him an ET "friend". I admire his thinking and his attitude. Sorry I missed that thread. Maybe I will search it out.

    (Uh oh, looks like I was not vigilant enough to limit the "I"s and such. Well too bad. No one needs suffer through my "self aggrandizing posts...easy enough to ignore)

    Peace and good trading to all,
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  2. Unlike good sex, which often requires new strategies, positions, and often improves via unecessary risk becomes boring for one who has done it long enough.

    Trading once learned, if done properly is about reduction of risk, repetition and bordom.

    Trading is like fishing, but unlike fishing where you are outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature, trading is an indoor and confining activity.

    The fact is that most professions are boring if someone is good at them. Just ask a long term hooker how exciting their job is.

    Humor, on the other hand is never boring, and is what keeps most sane people sane.
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  3. C'mon, RS7. Stop talking about other subjects. EVERYBODY wants to hear more about YOU! YOU! YOU! With only the mention of yourself 33 times in the above post, that's waaay too low. Quit being a slacker! We want to know MORE about RS7 RS7 RS7:D :D :D :D :D
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  4. rs7


    Great answer OP7....hence my reasons for no longer posting much in the trading forums. I said what I had to say (as I re-posted my response about that to Longshot in this thread), and that's it. It (trading) is repetitive and boring. Or should be. Stay consistent, stay disciplined, know when it is "not your day" and keep on keeping on. Just a job!

    Sex, on the other hand, as you say, is quite the opposite. To be good, it needs variation and new techniques. And it should never ever be "dirty" unless done correctly. So it is the complete opposite of trading. Keep it simple? Hardly! Keep it interesting, complicated, and as improbable as possible.

    And humor? You are exactly right. Never boring. Never repetitive (with exceptions in which the repetition IS the joke), and yeah, it keeps one sane. No doubt!!!

    Keep up the good work. You are a major asset and a great source of entertainment to ET. Now if we can find FPC the circus of laughs would continue on despite the rude attempts at disruption we have seen.

    Peace and good humor to all,

    PS: Is there a bug (virus?) in my computer? Something that causes my posts to be re-posted with a word count? Hmmmm, time to go to the ""Nerd" threads....I mean "hardware" and "software" threads. But no, I am not competent to deal with that. Too old I guess. My kid will be home soon and I will ask him to debug and de-louse my computer.
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  5. Only one "I?" Does this mean...(sniff) that your (sob) cu... cu... cutt... cutting us off from your continuing past and present saga about your personal life? Oh Noooooooo! Pleeeease! Not that......!:D
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  6. Pheeew! That was close! Much better, a five line thread with five self references. Christ, don't scare me like that again, RS7!:D

    Make it SEVEN! (I feel better already.):cool:
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  7. rs7


    Someone forgot their MEDICATION today!!!!

    Can't even count anymore. Loss of a primary function. Looks serious:(
    #47     Dec 8, 2002
  8. I wager that you will respond again. Let's see if you can really resist the impulse.

    Strictly speaking, I may not have won my wager yet, but functionally speaking, I just did.
    #48     Dec 8, 2002
  9. rs7, i'm just thankful he's not busting my ass:D
    #49     Dec 8, 2002
  10. Yeah, but that's like betting the sun won't come up. What do you wager this won't ever be be true?

    "Max, this is my last response to you ever." [10-19-02 10:31 AM]
    #50     Dec 8, 2002
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