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Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Dec 8, 2002.

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  1. rs7


    I felt it would be appropriate to make a comment about thread content. As anyone who is interested can easily see (and many already have) it only takes one person to steer any thread violently off course.

    We have seen threads that started with subject "A" suddenly veer off course and immediately get to subject "Z" for no apparent reason.

    A thread can start with a joke and turn to a debate on religion.

    A thread can start with a question about mathematical probability and turn into a debate about politics.

    And so on.

    Which, in and of itself is not a bad thing. The "chit-chat" forum is aptly named. It should be, and is, about being open to virtually any subject anyone wishes to discuss away from the trading forums (and those associated with them).

    And so the moderators have done an enviable job of that; sometimes involving moving irrelevant threads from the trading forums to "chit-chat" (where relatively few threads are actually started relative to their context). Sometimes deleting or "censoring" posts, sometimes closing threads entirely. As is justified. As happened just today or yesterday with "don't you just love the French". This, obviously because it degenerated into another episode of rs7 being attacked by Max401. As has happened in so many instances.

    Of course, myself actually being the recipient of the venomous attacks of Max401, my feelings about the issue my not be objective. However, Babak made a good call and closed the thread. It had gotten way out of hand and FAR off topic.

    Max401 is not alone in making the use of ET as a forum for hostility. There have always been some members who thrive on dissent, antagonism, slander and negativity. And there have always been people like myself that are equally guilty in contributing to the destruction of a thread by responding to people like Max401.

    So, what is the answer? To delete posts is essentially the same as limiting freedom of speech. To let them go uncensored or ignored is to contribute to the harm done by them. This leaves the moderators in an awkward and difficult position.

    The issue of use of language has been addressed. I don't think there are but a handful of ET posters that use an excess of profanity. I see no benefit of any profanity really, but since it is (somewhat unfortunately) a part of American culture, censorship of it would be akin to limiting freedom of speech no less than would be censoring statements of beliefs contrary to the "sensibilities" of either the moderators, or other members of ET.

    So, there seems to be no real solution to the "pollution" of threads epidemic caused by a handful of posters. I have no real answers. All I have is an apology for even responding to the attacks made on me. I may have a lot to learn (at my "old age") from a young guy like Aphie, who takes more abuse than anyone and yet seemingly lets it roll off his back. I guess I am too defensive. I will try and not respond to any further personal attacks.

    Maybe a new forum should be started under the title "attacks, insults, and fighting", but of course that would lower the standards of ET as a whole. Optional777 had it right. This is NOT Jerry Springer. This is a place for an exchange of ideas, information, humor, etc. NOT a place for the exchange of insults and brutal negativity.

    So, as a personal note, I deeply apologize for even responding to Max401 and letting what was another potentially interesting thread deteriorate into a personal exchange of "attack and defend". Unfortunately, I found myself mostly on the "defend" side of the bickering. And, as usual, my antagonist was on the "attack" side. It is clear that people like Max401 thrive on attacking the ideas, credentials and thoughts of others. Interestingly, no one, (or at least it appears this way to me) has the slightest idea what it is that Max401 (as a generic example) has to say about trading or anything related to the main theme of Elite Trader.

    I think it is easy enough for the members of ET to come to their own conclusions about what the value (if any) of the thoughts and ideas shared by others is. If someone contributes ONE SINGLE HELPFUL idea or strategy about TRADING, then that person is an asset to ET. If someone does not, then they are not an asset. Given that there are a great deal of new and inexperience traders here, it is reasonable to expect them NOT to contribute such information. Asking questions and seeking knowledge is justification for their presence. And the more experienced traders who are willing to share their thoughts will. Those who are not willing to share won't. Either way, no harm is done by anyone who does NOT post.

    I think the only harm done is by the very select few who come on to ET with no intent of either contributing or seeking knowledge. We all know who these people are. I for one hereby vow to ignore such people. They seek only attention, and have no desire to participate in any exchange of ideas (whether about trading, or anything else). They only seek to disrupt and discredit.

    So, I propose that we all strive to address and respond to posts relevant to the threads in which they are found. If the "Jokes" thread were to be suddenly interrupted with bible thumping by Thunderbolt, that would be the end of that thread, in very short time. As has happened too many times to even think about. If Max401 sees me make a post about virtually anything, Max will research 1500 or so posts to find some way of trying to discredit me by showing an "inconsistency" ... usually about something crucial like a street address I can't remember from 13 years ago, or my age:confused:

    In any event, obviously I have said quite enough on this, and would conclude only by thanking the moderators for doing a great job under very difficult conditions. I think we should all applaud their efforts and try and make their voluntary yet difficult positions easier in any way we can.

    Thanks Babak, and all the rest. You are to be applauded!!!

  2. this is why you have stopped contributing in any real way to ET isn't it rs7?:(

  3. rs7


    Not sure what you mean by you mean about making posts regarding trading?
  4. 777 said that? That's so funny.... yet so true :(

    Someone told me... People think things they shouldn't be thinking. and I said... That's why they're average.

    Anyways.. it is a shame that such thing exists here at ET. It's a tough one for the moderators. I feel that we all here should be old enough and mature enough to act as civil human beings... but doesn't quite work that way.

    I heard this quote. Forgot it word for word, but basically says that "I have many regrets of what I've said, but I have never regretted my silence."

    my two cents :D
  5. wild


    re: "humor" - Optional777


    join the ET chatroom from time to time and read what Optional777 has to say about foreign nations (particularly Germany), other peoples´sexual orientation (particularly gays) etc. ... time allowing.


  6. yes, that's exactly what I mean.

    look again, everything considered don't you think that generally the *real* threads tend to remain on topic? It's the BS threads with their BS topics that get just what they ask for and deserve ...slaughtered!
  7. when is he usually on? :D
  8. wild


    all week during "normal" trading hours ...
  9. i looked again, in the main section most threads hum right along on topic, in chit-chat they don't but who cares? who cares if bolt thumps his bible in "jokes", "jokes" is a useless BS thread --that's why it's placed in chat in the first place.

    Yes, there are a few wise crackers in main section but they seem to be quickly ID'd and ignored by the real contributors.

    Seems to me that ET works pretty good, and I too think it is good that the mods moderate with a soft hand. they do a great job, and it is amazing just how few posts ever need to be removed. (and it is easy to see when a post has been deleted because the author screams bloody murder!:) )
  10. is 777 funny in the chatroom too:D
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