ruining threads part II

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Dec 9, 2002.

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  1. rs7


    So after a mere 8 1/2 hours, another thread gets closed because someone just can't resist the impulse to revert to what has been his or her "claim". So sad!!
  2. marcD


    Max seems scarily obsessive. I thought smokey mcpaat was pretty scary, but this guy is relentless. I have to go with choice #4, and I would be willing to bet he doesn't get a single "normal" vote. I also bet this thread gets shut down pronto unless the moderators do what they really should, which is instead of closing it, they should partake in the vote too.

    I have never seen such craziness exhibited. Max401 is certifiable!

  3. rs7, cast your mind back to when you were a youngster (take your time :)). remember how the more u responded to those annoying, teasing types the more ammo you gave them? some things don't change.

    just ignore it dude.

    how's FFL huh? you made a valiant run bud; i'm glad to have u runner up to me! :) (i'm a gonner first week of playoffs. opponent's dropped 3 straight while i've been peakin'...not good..)
  4. rs7


    Tough to ignore being "stalked"....but of course you are right. And notice that I DID ignore Max for essentially the entire day. Max couldn't take it anymore, and was obsessively compelled to rekindle the "feud" after waiting all day for me to respond. It was easy for me to ignore Max, since my wife got back from a week in Israel. But this morning I get here in my office, and what do you know? Max could not show any restraint. Truly sick!!!

    Only hoping to do this for he benefit of Max. Maybe he/she/it will see the light and change his/her/it's ways. I feel sorry for the poor soul and am just trying to help:) So far the vote seems unanimous. (This should help the poor soul realize the errors of his/her/it's ways!)

    FFL should be interesting. You have the points, but hopefully I will have Faulk and Bettis ready for the last few games. If not, I am DONE! A valiant effort though. (gotta admit I had help from my stepson who is majoring in fantasy sports at college)..

    How's trading going? Still defying gravity and hanging upside down on the bottom half of the planet?:)

  5. I see that you are as obsessed about Max as he is about you.

    I give this thread a lifespan of less than a few hours.
  6. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    Yes once the thread police find this one,
    it will be closed. Not much going on here.
  7. rs7



    I don't know how you can say that. I ignored max all day yesterday, yet out of frustration, max had to add another "shot" last night well after the whole thing had faded away (I thought).

    However, you win your bet (on a technicality....I did not make any direct response to a max post, but I am wise enough to know when I have lost a bet in principal. Tell me how to pay off the wager!

    Few hours? Should be more than long enough. If a point is made.

  8. Ignored Max all day yesterday? Hardly. The last couple of posts is all.

    A point is made by you? The point you are making is that you stoop to Max's level.

    Sad, truly sad. I thought more highly of you. I was wrong.
  9. rs7


    Now THAT really does bother me:(

    I actually care what you may think of me. I am sorry I have disappointed you. And I will take your opinion into consideration as to my further actions. When someone you respect tells you that you are wrong, then it is time to seriously think about changing your ways. So I will. And I thank you for your sincere effort to make me see that I probably have[/] over reacted. But it is difficult to ignore someone who goes so far out of their way to be abusive and who makes virtually every post a personal attack.

    But you are right, and I have succumbed to "stooping to"
    whatever this entities level is. I will refrain. Thanks again.

    What were the stakes of the bet? I always pay gambling bets. It is what my life is about. (being a trader).


  10. The stake was an admission of wrong doing.
    #10     Dec 9, 2002
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