Ruggiero Systems Tops Future Truth List Again!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, Oct 8, 2007.

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    I am very happy to announce that my SuperTurtle and Simple Harmony System are the number 1 and number 4 multi-market systems since release. This is the second issue in a row that SuperTurtle is number 1. Simple Harmony is currently number 4 down 1 position. It was number 3 in the previous issue.

    We still have a limited number of these at the old price before I increase the price. You can still get SuperTurtle+ three other systems and TradersStudio for $899.00. That less than the cost of the many of the other vendors lower ranked systems alone.

    Here is the link to the systems and updated results on

    Here is a link to my Trend Harmony Package.

    This package includes the Murray Ruggiero Systems Pack for free , that a $399.00 value. You can get six different trading systems including number 1 and number 3 and TradersStudio for less than the cost of most systems $1399.00!.

    Special offer , You can get the Trend Harmony Pack + SuperTurtle Bundle+ Data with 1 year of updates for only 1499.00 until Oct 21,2007.
    We will include Pinnacle CLC database, with full contract history and Forex daily data and 1 year of daily updates. This is a very special Columbus day offer.

  2. A profit factor of 1.7-1.8 and winning percentages of 37-44% are what I call "anemic."

    And Futures Truth is known to be a poor judge of systems. The universal complaint always seems to be that FT systems seem not to work in real life, like their monitored track record.

    Other than that, whatever...
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    Before I start, I would like to make a few things clear.

    Firstly, I do not have any first-hand knowledge of Murray’s system, except that he mentions that his system is fully disclosed (made public) in the sense that all the rules and logic can be seen. Besides this, a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is required. At least, the NDA is a good point after all he has made an effort to protect his system which most other vendors would not do.

    Secondly, I am unaware as to how good or robust his system is. Normally, I do not buy other people’s systems although I emailed them (because of the thread) regarding the disclosure matter. I had enquired as to whether it has been disclosed (public) and if disclosed, do they worry of it becoming a public domain?

    Regarding the Future Truth, being their subscriber for years, I think they do a fine job. Being a general rule/law, the shelf life of most systems barring a few Trend following ones work for about 12-18 months before failing. Hence, the possibilities that a system was listed among the top ten before failing is there. In simple words, Future Truth are just stating the facts as to who are among the top and not why or how? They are just like the news reporters who bring you the daily news which are ever changing and do not make any predictions for the future. In a nutshell, if you are among the top today, Future Truth shall report you as one. If tomorrow, you are no where, they will not report you. Hence, they are just reporting the numbers and giving the assumptions like commission and slippage

    As far as the Trend following systems are concerned, the results of percentage of 35-45% and a profit factor of 1.5 to 1.8 is standard. I am not aware of any long term Trend Systems (not even ones traded by billion dollar hedge funds) showing any better results other than these. Although, different types of systems have different performance; counter trend systems have a higher percentage of winning trades and higher profit factors, which might not make more money. However, if we are trading in trading stock indexes, bonds counter trend then these number are not acceptable.

    Maybe, you need to view your own threads and you are probably aware of this as you are an expert as per your own words. May be, you have a long term trend following system which is winning 60%+ of it's trades with a profit factor of 2.5 or better. If so, please do post the results for us all to see.

    Please do not do something that blocks the free flow of ideas, and stops people from continuing. Posts should not be discouraging after all this is a place to share and learn and not to be a hurdle in the learning process.
  4. I can't understand why should a guy with a top system want other people knowing it. I can just make a fortune by using it.
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    nice job congrats Murray!
  6. hermit - myself and others attempted to ask this question in another thread and I think that thread got deleted or moved per the vendor's request.

    Don't bother asking b/c you will be given some fluff response when those that actually trade full-time for a living understand what is going on here.
  8. \
    Simply because no matter what system is developed and no matter no good it is most people cant follow them.

    Also the people that buy this stuff are also the ones who have the most problem following systems as they are looking for the holy grail and tend to jump from system to system very quickly. Why not make money from these people I say
  9. Good point Bogan, but we have yet to see a vendor say this. They are always 'just trying to help' or 'provide some education to newbies' or 'trying to save people from account blowups'... And most of us here realize that this is about the money. It's not about helping or saving people. Perhaps if a vendor was actually honest here, the response could be different.
  10. Also on a slightly different note the newbies should also be not be fooled into thinking just because a vendor is allied to a site such as say Ninja or Esignal these people are legitmate. Because all they are doing is trying to make money of these newbies as well. I doubt they are any better than many paypal rooms.
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