Rudy doesn't like Willard's flip flopping

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    Giuliani: Romney Changes 'Give Me Pause'

    Former New York City Mayor and onetime presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani admitted that he'd be willing to support Mitt Romney—if only the Massachusetts governor hadn't flip-flopped on so many issues.

    "He changed his position on virtually everything. He was a traditional moderate Republican […] he changed all that,” he said on CBS’ Face the Nation.

    “I’m a moderate Republican, that’s what I am, so I’d be inclined to support someone like Mitt Romney. But all those changes give me pause,” he said.

    Giuliani said that the vitriolic nature of the campaign was harmful, and that “it’d be a much more interesting race” if Newt Gingrich and Romney stopped attacking each other and started talking about the issues. He added that, between Gingrich and Rick Santorum, one of them should drop out to allow the anti-Romney vote to coalesce.

    “We’re not getting the true picture of what the opposition to Governor Romney is, cause it's split,” he said.